This Week’s Links (03/09/2015 – 03/13/2015)

this weeks links

It’s finally Friyay! Although the appearance of BGB has drastically changed (are you feeling the new look?), we’re ending the week like we always do: by sharing some of our favorite reads from Brown Girl Bloggers. So let’s get to them!

Stella revealed some truths about pregnancy. If you’re on your way to mommyhood or already on the journey, you’ll enjoy this one. Read the post >>>

Roconia wrote about her experience performing at Tyece’s See. Speak. Feel. event for the first time. There’s also a video of her performance at the end of the post, and it is perfection! Read the post >>>

Crystal ranted about the ridiculousness that is student loan debt. As someone who knows the student loan debt struggle personally, this post got an “Amen!” from me. Read the post >>>

Autumn listed four simple ways you can find a mentor. Briana wrote a similar post a couple weeks ago, but this one by Autumn is aimed primarily at college students. Read the post >>>

Tamika reminded us about the power of your inner circle and the impact negative “friends” can have on your outlook. Read the post >>>

Jena walked us through her morning routine and gave us some tips on how we can better our mornings. Read the post >>>

Maris discussed the costs of being a considerate writer and what it means when writers start caring too much about their audience. Read the post >>>

Arika offered five tips on how to retain your hair’s length. Everyone’s hair texture is different, but these are tips that most of us could implement in our haircare regimen. Read the post >>>

Nia showed us how to colorblock with pastel colors in an outfit of the day post. Oh, and her hair will give you life! Read the post >>>

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