This Week’s Links (03/16/2015 – 03/20/2015)

this weeks links

Happy Friday!

Here are some of our favorite reads from Brown Girl Bloggers this week:

Neosha shared 13 ways she uses organic coconut oil in her everyday life. Who knew coconut oil was so multipurposeful (yes, I made that word up)? Read the post >>>

Compassionate Lee made a video about her personal definition of beauty. Watch the video >>>

Alfreda recounted her personal experiences with subtle microaggressions and blatant racism in response to the Twitter hashtag #NotJustSAE. Read the post >>>

Miriam posed in boyfriend jeans and graffiti shoes and preached a word on why time is so important. Read the post >>>

Arika created outfit collages based on the character Jaleesa from “A Different World.” I’ve yet to watch a single episode of “A Different World,” but from the looks of these outfits, it seems like Jaleesa had a chic, yet sensible sense of style. Read the post >>>

Jo Ann wrote a brief but compelling review of the book, “The Girl on the Train.” She swears it’s a must-read if you enjoy mysteries and thrillers. Read the review >>>

Tamara said farewell to winter by sharing six of her favorite things about the season. Read the post >>>

Crystal made a convincing case for why we all need to try the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I’ve been looking for a new face mask to try, so I might give this one a go. Read the post >>>

Shanta reviewed two new shades from the Black Radiance BB Cream line. If you’re in the market for a BB cream for the spring/summer, this might be the route to go. Check out the swatches and review >>>

P.S. Candice and I wrote an ebook called “What You Need to Know About WordPress: How to Launch a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog from Start to Finish.” You can GET IT HERE FOR $10.

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