This Week’s Links (03/23/2015 – 03/27/2015)

this weeks links

Happy Friday! Here’s our weekly roundup of good reads from #BrownGirlBloggers around the web:

Asha wrote about how she overcame the guilt that she felt for traveling solo to Barbados. Read the post >>>

ThirtyPlus1andBeyond explained why she loves herself in spite of her insecurities. Read the post >>>

Arika listed a few ways to handle stressful situations. Read the post >>>

Jo Ann shared her go-to products for caring for new tattoos. Read the post >>>

Kiana offered tips on how to increase your water intake. Read the post >>>

Brittany told us why she’s breaking up with saying “sorry.” Read the post >>>

Tamika gave a shout out to all the little Black girls with “big names” on her blog. Read the post >>>

Neosha demonstrated how to properly hold and use a pair of hair-cutting shears. Read the post >>>

Lontier joined the 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge and encouraged us to join her on the journey. Read the post for more details >>>

Daria suggested these four spirit boosters that can help us climb out of a rut and get back to enjoying life. Read the post >>>

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