Getting Started With Periscope

unnamedHave you heard of Periscope? It’s another Social Media platform. Just what we need. I was a bit reluctant to get at first, but I LOVE Periscope! If you haven’t heard, Periscope is a live-streaming app owned by Twitter. The fun part about it is you have the ability to interact with followers in real time. If you’re wondering on how to get started with Periscope, here’s how.

Creating an Account

The first step is to create a new account. Download the Periscope app for your Android or iOS device in their respective stores. If you already have a Twitter account, it is easier for existing followers to find you, but you also have the option to join via your mobile phone number.


There are 4 menus available on the bottom of your screen once you sign up and finish the quick tutorial.

  • The main TV Icon shows all of your followings’ current or recent broadcasts. 
  • The Globe Icon shows all of the people in a specific region that have their optional geographic locations turned on.
  • The Broadcast Icon is used to create your own live broadcast. You must have the camera and mic activated order to broadcast. There are sub menus that include the option to share your location, do a private broadcast with specific users, filter users that can use the chat (users you follow or everyone) and to share a link to your broadcast on Twitter. It is always best practice to name your broadcast before starting.
  • The People Icon shows a list of people on Periscope that you currently follow on Twitter, an option to access your profile on the top right corner and the ability to search for users in the top left corner.

User Profile

Since Periscope and Twitter are one, your profile picture and bio should already be populated. You also have the ability to edit or change if you choose. Your profile gives a list of general information that most profiles give: your following, followers, help, feedback, terms of service and more. An important sub menu in the profile is the Settings. Here you can save the broadcast to your phone’s camera roll and/ or get notifications when new users follow.

Here are some quick tips for new users.

  • Hearts are equivalent to “likes”. Double tap your screen if you’re agreeing with the broadcaster or to just show them love
  • You can invite people on a live broadcast by sharing via the app, Twitter or any other social platform with the link
  • Broadcasts can only be replayed up to 24 hours from the live date. If you click the link after the 24 hours, it takes you nowhere.
  • Periscope doesn’t support landscape (horizontal) positioning and you should do broadcasts in a Portrait (vertical) position
  • Saving to your camera roll gives you the ability to share on your other social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube (to monetize), Instagram or embed on your blog.
  • There’s no time limit. Broadcasts can be as long or short as you wish
  • When replaying a broadcast, there is no rewind or fast forward option available

If you haven’t already, follow us at Type4Naturals. We’ll share event coverage, highlights from our brunches, behind the scenes of our YouTube videos, product unboxings and quick updates from us. Although I’m pretty knowledgeable in the tech world, here is a great resource that helped me understand the app a little more shared by fellow BLMGirl ask Dr Renee.

Have you tried Periscope?

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  • Natasha

    Love Periscope! I’m still figuring out how I really need to use it but I’ve scoped 4 times so far!

  • thebayarean

    Thank you for this explanation! Periscope is pretty cool once you learn how to use it lol.


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