For the Girl Who Doesn’t Get A Lot Of “Likes”

bgb-featured-image-3It’s easy for us to chase after “likes” as bloggers. The whole reason we’re blogging is because we want people to read our content. The reason we promote ourselves on social media is because we want people to like our pictures or tweets or whatever. However, most of us don’t start out getting a ton of likes. Some of us get a small number of likes for a long time which is why I think this topic is so necessary.

It’s necessary for the insecure girl with low self esteem. It’s necessary for the girl who thinks she isn’t as cool because she only has 10 likes on her Facebook picture. It’s necessary for the girl who places WAY too much value on her Instagram likes and followers. And it’s VITAL for my future daughter (if I have one.) I’m here to let all of you know, you are worth so much more than the lies social media inflicts upon you.

Just recently my friends reminded me of how much I’ve always been in my own lane. The other day, I was super excited to promote a post for my blog at 9:30 am. I was so thirsty, I texted my friends telling them to join in and help me promote. They proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t “Instagram peak hours.” I’m not going to lie, I was really upset that that was their first thought. I didn’t even know they really followed those type of rules. I had to quickly snap out of my anger and look at the bigger picture for my blog. They reminded me that in order to gain more views, traffic, etc, it’s best to promote at the appropriate hours to benefit the site. This conversation led me to my next thought in regards to social media.

I wonder how many people play by these “how to gain popularity via social media rules.” How many girls/women out there suffer from the NEED, the WANT, and the CRAVING to have validation from others in order to feel liked, cool, and even attractive. I’ll admit from time to time I do fall victim of this but usually I don’t let a small number of likes get me down. Don’t get me wrong, social media is awesome for business and getting yourself out there, but it’s never been something I needed to feed off of for approval.

I think that’s because my mother raised me to stress about more important things like building assets, saving money, and continuing my education. I don’t always listen, but it’s always on my mind. Watching my mother growing up, I learned that being liked, cute, and accepted was only fun until real life hit the fan. Even when I do receive compliments about my physical appearance, it goes in one ear and out the other. I never let it go in one ear and to my brain where I could potentially become arrogant or crave the need for more appraisal.

My goal is to continue to be a woman of substance. No amount of Instagram likes will teach me that. I like to read, read, and read some more because I’m constantly trying to acquire knowledge that adds value to my life. I’m trying to work on my relationship with Him. I’m trying to learn about finance. I’m trying to save for my future family. I’m trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to be a better blessing to others.

I’m trying to be a phenomenal woman.

So, to the girls who don’t get a ton of likes… I’m your biggest cheerleader. Choose to be a bad ass. Choose to sharpen your craft. Choose to let your light shine in other ways and you’ll unknowingly receive acknowledgement for being one sharp lady who knows her stuff. You’ll be winning way more than the popular Instagram chick who probably secretly has terrible self esteem to begin with. Place value in that. Don’t get stuck in artificial land.

You go girl! You’re totally a bad ass in my eyes.

What do you think? Should you focus on social media “likes?”

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  • Trenita Finney

    This is so vital to hear right now! I felt like I was starting to get sucked into the same “like” trap. When that happens I know its time to self-reflect and look back at everything I was able to accomplish and look forward to everything I’ve been working towards. No amount of likes will replace the value of those efforts ! Thank you for posting this !

  • aNDriea DEnise

    I learned a while back that because of the things I write about, people most likely don’t like or comment on them, because they feel embarrassed, and don’t want to expose themselves to others. Instead, they email or message me. For a person who is trying to grow a business, that isn’t the ideal situation, but I get it. Sometimes I do wish that I had more public interaction, but I started this so that I could help people…and if that’s what’s happening, forget the likes.

  • Candace Brown

    Thank you. I struggled with it at first but now I am like as long as I have true followers who like my content then I am happy. I can’t please everybody but I def can reach the ones who genuine like me. Love the article

  • Thank you :)

  • Titania

    You read my mind. It’s not just on social media. Yes, a lot of it starts there but it has already filtered into the minds of little girls everywhere. I just experienced this last week with students at the school where I teach. One girl who is running for student body President, had poster with no pics but her message has a whole lot of character, integrity and substance. The other candidate, you couldn’t even tell what she was running for but she had pics of her self on each poster at least 1 or more. If I could, I know exactly who I would vote for. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject, I will be sure to share! S/o to the girls with low likes and high self esteem everywhere!


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