3 Tips To Take Better Blog Images From Your Smartphone

If you’re not familiar with Smartphonography (Smartphone Photography), you’re missing out. I’ve gotten tons of great compliments and feedback from many who ask about the type of fancy camera I use to take such great, high-quality pictures for my blog and other social mediums.

The secret lies within my smartphone. Yep. That nifty little gadget we all use nowadays to tweet ’til our fingers pop, creep on our celebrity man-crush’s Instagram feed, and stay connected to those we love most.

All you need is a smartphone (iPhone, LG, Samsung, etc), an editing source (such as your phones editing tools or apps), and a keen eye for an awesome photo. You’re about to get certified as a Professional Smartphonographer in 3…2…

If there’s one thing that will guarantee a quick photo fail, it’s that lightening bolt we call flash. As a blogger, many of our photos consist of mostly products or everyday items. We’re not using a DSLR here, so to avoid lack-luster results, a dark background, and even overly saturated images, cut off the bolt.

Make use of natural light as much as possible. I make great use of natural light from my favorite window in my home. It aids in less editing and more creativity.

Play around with various angles. I often take around 5 to 6 images of the same thing before I get the perfect photo. I recently tried an upside angle on some lip products. It was by accident but I love how it turned out.

You always want to captivate the eyes of the person who’ll likely see it. Have fun with item placement variations and shapes. Remember images give off varying emotion. If it looks hypnotic to you, chances are it will to your audience. Go for it.

Sometimes the best things happen by accident.

Don’t be filter-happy. I love a good filter just as much as anyone but keep it consistent. If your photo style is grungy chic, stick to 1 or 2 filter choices specific to you and your creative style. TIP: This is also a good opportunity for you to reuse your images.

Are there any tips that you would add to this list?

Thank you for the images Create Her Stock. 

Author: Neosha Gardner

  • What filter do you love to use?

  • Jamie Bachand

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  • Laci Jordan

    Love, love, love.. Its also good to “make light” if you don’t have a lot of indoor natural light. I take a lot of pics on the concrete outside so that I can have a good amount of light and also texture. I’m still working on curating my Instagram but there’s a great class on Skillshare.

  • Great tips!! One thing I’ve also had to be cognizant of is wiping off the lens before snapping the picture. It’s always so greasy, which puts a glare on my pics! Sometimes the glare is cute, but my pics have been crisper since remembering to do that!

  • NeoshaGEE

    Yasss indeed!

  • NeoshaGEE

    Sounds like a great way to keep from being indecisive lol

  • Haha, thanks hun! I invested in a camera that’s something between a DSLR & a digital camera (the SONY Alpha 5000), but I mostly find myself reaching for my iPhone as well.

  • Kim Jackson

    That photo is AMAZEballs Joymarie. I love photos like that as well. I usually take them with my DSLR, but I’ll be practicing with my iPhone now too!

  • jo

    I normally will take multiple photos just as you suggested and put down my phone. I’ll return in 5 mins and which ever catches my eye first I will use and edit.
    I do the same when picking a filter. I have to walk away and then return with a fresh eye.

  • Angle is everything on a smart phone that is true!!

  • NeoshaGEE

    Indeed! I’m all over those angles lol.

  • NeoshaGEE

    That’s an awesome tip!!

  • I agree that the right angle is everything. I will sit there and take a few dozen pictures just to get that right one. Great tips!

  • Another one of my favorite tips is to take advantage of the focus feature to focus on a foreground object. Hold your finger down on the camera screen to focus. The light exposure will change depending on if you’re tapping on a lighter or darker image. I like to have a foreground image and allow the focus to create a nice depth of field and blue on the background. For an example of this check my Twitter cover on my personal page: Twitter.com/joymarieeparker. That image was all iPhone, no filter, no editing using this technique.

  • NeoshaGEE

    Lol I definitely agree with this!!

  • I think that last tip was the best one. Especially when you are trying to brand yourself. Sticking to 1 to 2 “styles” of pics helps people identify you off the bat when they see things from you. I’m still trying to find my instagram style lol