3 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is an outlet for most to let out our thoughts and opinions. It doesn’t matter what you write about there is a way to monetize your blog. After all, how much time and effort do you invest into your blog? The most successful bloggers have generated a generous income over the years and you can too. You might think it’s a complicated process but all you need is a bit of time! Here are 3 sites/methods to gain money from your blog.

  1. Have quality content.

To most, this is a given but for some it doesn’t compute. Some bloggers make a blog, post once a year about absolutely nothing and expect to make a pretty penny. It just doesn’t work that way. I suggest posting once or twice a week. It should be a good post, with pictures and good grammar. This will ensure reader viewership and will build your credibility as a blogger.

  1. Affiliate Networks

This is probably the easiest part. Affiliate Networks allow you to become affiliates for your favorite brands and earn some money by the use of banners and links.

Let’s use my blog as an example. I blog about makeup and hair and I’m always posting reviews and tutorials. When I’m writing a foundation review I provide a link to the foundation and if a reader clicks that link and purchases the foundation I will earn about 5-10% of that purchase. This is very common and can be very lucrative. Below are two of my favorite Affiliate Networks.

  • Amazon Associates |

– Who doesn’t love Amazon. This program is great for beginners because of the broad range of products on the site. Once you join for free you get a special code to add to product links and you earn money when a purchase is made with your link.

  • Commission Junction |

– has many merchants available to sign up for free with to get started earning money. They have makeup companies, home goods, and more. It works very similar to Amazon’s program.

  1. Sponsored Posts

Once your blog has a decent number of followers/readers, companies will begin to contact you to do sponsored posts. A company will pay you with money, gift certificates, or even free products in exchange for a post. This method is still quite new to me, as I mainly work with Affiliate Networks, but from what I’ve seen, this is what the top bloggers do.

There are many other ways to make money with your blog but these are the easiest.

Have you started monetizing your blog?