3 Ways Having A Supportive Community Helped Me As A Blogger

There’s one thing – barring extraordinary circumstances – I absolutely must have in order to create. That one thing is solitude.

Although I love being alone, it’s fulfilling when I realize that once I’ve poured my words onto the page for public consumption, someone other than me is engaging with the content I produce.

Here are three ways having a supportive community has helped me as a blogger.

I’m able to share my voice with others.

When you’re starting out, it may often seem like you’re talking to yourself as you write and publish blog posts. But once you decide to reach out and connect with a community that aligns with the goals you have for your blog, you will find readers and supporters within that group. For example, I noticed a difference in engagement on my blog after I joined the Brown Girl Bloggers community. Many of the people who leave comments or interact with me and my blog by other means are fellow BGB community members.

I’m discovering blogs I may not have found on my own.

While it’s true that there is an oversaturation of blogs on the web, the gems that are hidden within it can be close to impossible to find without some assistance. That’s where having a community comes in. I’ve discovered some wonderful writers and blogs that likely wouldn’t have been on my radar otherwise. This allows me to be on the giving end of the support that all bloggers appreciate.

I’m receiving advice and encouragement from seasoned bloggers.

A large part of being a blogger is relying on trial and error to determine what works best for you and your vision, but you’ll likely need guidance along the way. I look to more seasoned bloggers within the Brown Girl Bloggers community for advice and encouragement because I know that they can relate to my experiences as a new blogger.

Your turn! How has having a supportive community helped you on your blogging journey?

Author: Crissi Ponder

Crissi is the author and creator of Crissi Untangled, a personal blog chronicling her thoughts on life, culture and curls. She is also the founder, editor-in-chief and publisher of The Release, a digital literary magazine that recognizes the importance of self-expression through creative writing. Follow her on Twitter @CrissiUntangled.

  • We’re also glad you’re a part of the BGB community, Ashlee! :)

  • I think “forming organic and authentic bonds” is so important. I really don’t want to force anything in any aspect of my blogging journey, including the communities I build and immerse myself in. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Joymarie!

  • Welcome!

  • That’s a great way to describe it! Our blogging community does feel like a sisterhood. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Tamara. :)

  • I agree; it’s rewarding in a way when a reader can relate to my experiences. And I’m always bragging about the BGB community and how grateful I am for the awesome connections it allows me to continue to make. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Drea!

  • I agree with all of you wonderful ladies! I’m so happy I found a community of brown girl bloggers! I feel the love, the unity, and the support.

  • This is so true! When I first embarked on the journey of creating a blog, I was only focused on the target audience that I would attract, and the community that I would build for my own website. I didn’t realize that I would find myself discovering new communities that would inspire ME everyday. That process has become almost as important to me as the following that I build on my own website, and along the way, I’m forming organic and authentic bonds with other, passionate content-creators.

  • Having a blogger community provides me with a place to belong – a sisterhood, if you will. I don’t feel alone in the blogging world but rather I have a support group who actually validates my ideas. It’s a great feeling! I also agree with the blogger community helping you to uncover hidden gems. I’ve found so many blogs that I consistently read as a result and it’s a great feeling to send some blog love around too.

  • Having a supportive community helped my journey as a blogger because it validates, in a way, what I’m doing. Reading readers’ feedback via their comments, emails, tweets, FB comments, etc. makes me feel like my content is resonating to the point where people feel inclined to share how they feel about whatever topic I’m writing about. Sometimes you think it’s only you that’s going through a thing or feeling some type of way about a thing, and then you blog about it and discover you’re not the only one. Regarding your point about discovering other blogs/bloggers – yes! If it wasn’t for BGB there are so many amazing bloggers that I wouldn’t have even known about. Just by following BGB on Twitter and Instagram and checking out the blog roll, I find out about other bloggers in different niches.

  • I agree. Having a community does make it all worthwhile when you start to get down on yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts, Danielle!

  • Glad to hear that you’re building up a solid community around yourself. I agree, having people engage with your content is a nice validation of all the time/effort that goes into blogging and maintaining your site. It definitely helps to keep me motivated if I’m having one of those “down” days feeling like nothing I have to say is worth contributing.