3 Ways To Network With Other Bloggers Of Color

Networking with other bloggers of color is hard. I know because I’ve been trying to do it for the past 10 months and it wasn’t until I launched this site that I really started to connect. Below I’ll list a few ways to connect with other bloggers of color. Don’t forget that there is a pretty extensive blog roll right here on this site and I’m adding blogs constantly. Take a look at a few of them because you never know when you’ll find some inspiration.

Connect Via Twitter

Something I did while building the blog roll for this blog was use Twitter extensively. There are a lot of techniques to find people to connect with on Twitter like using hashtags and Twitter advanced search but it’s worth checking out Twitter accounts you already follow.

For example you may follow Blog Her which isn’t a platform for women of color specifically but women of color are part of their audience. See who follows this account and who they follow. You just might find your next blogger bestie. Remember to engage that person in conversation. Don’t try to sell your blog to them. Here are a few accounts to get you started.

Go To Events
If you’re in or near a major city there’s a chance that there are blogger events in your area that you have no idea about. Take the time to Google or search Meetup to see what comes up. Broaden your search to include events that might not be about blogging but may be for people of color. You’ll probably run into another blogger or two. If there aren’t any events in your area then go to plan C…
Host Blogger Events
This may seem like something that’s too much to take on but you can make it really simple. If you host your event at a store or restaurant during a non busy night they may let you use the venue for free because it could help them make money that night. If you go this route invite more than your friends. Use all the available resources to promote your event and bring other bloggers of color out.
What advice do you have for someone who wants to network with other bloggers of color?
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