4 Basic Elements That Belong In Every Blogger’s About Page

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the 4 things that every blogger should have in her sidebar. Along that same vein, I’m back with some basic things that should be in every bloggers’ About page. Without further ado, here’s what your About page should tell us.

Who You Are

Most people who land on your About page just want to know the basics. We are not interested in your life’s history so please don’t bore us with it. Use a conversational tone to inform us of the person behind the blog. The key is to make yourself sound interesting and personable, yet still very much like the voice behind the blog posts.

What You Blog Is About and Why

There’s a ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind every blogger’s blog, and you owe it to your readers to tell them what it is you blog about content-wise and why you’ve chosen to blog about certain topics over others. The key here is to be concise, but specific. Think of this section as your mission statement.

Why We Should Read and Subscribe

After telling readers and visitors who you are, why you blog, and what you blog about, next, you should explain why they should keep reading. You can do this by linking to some of your top posts. This gives readers a sample of what you blog about just from the post title alone, and it will likely increase their time on your blog because they’ll probably go read some of the posts. Also, if you send out a weekly or monthly newsletter or offer new posts through RSS or email, now is the time to invite your readers to subscribe. Be sure to provide a subscription box or the link to the sign-up form on your About page.

How To Contact You

You may have a separate page for your contact information, but considering your About page likely gets more hits than your Contact page, seize the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. By which I mean, at the bottom of your About page, include a line or two about how readers and potential advertisers/sponsors can get in touch with you by linking to your email address and at least one social media platform that you’re active on at least once a day.

Other Tips for Your About Page

  • Update your About page every 3 to 6 months
  • Use personal photos instead of stock images
  • Write in first-person not third-person

Drea is a Chicago-based freelance writer and lifestyle blogger at The Drea Daily. She's obsessed with coffee, books and blogs, handbags, and lipstick. When she's not blogging, you can likely catch her tweeting about something on Twitter @DreaEHall.