4 Reasons To Do That Thing You’re Scared To Do

In July of 2013 I took a big scary leap when I move all the way across the country with a guy I had been dating. I moved away from my family and everything I knew as a small town girl to live in sunny Southern California. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

Since that move I’ve lived alone, become an entrepreneur, married the guy I moved with, founded a site for minority women who blog, paid off my debt, expanded my horizons, and become a completely different person.

If I had listened to the people who told me not to do it I’d probably be somewhere near my hometown pregnant with some annoying guy’s baby.

Last October I took another big leap when I moved from San Diego to San Francisco. It’s still new so I’m not sure how well it’ll turn out but so far I’m glad I did it.

I’ve wanted to take this leap for at least a year and a half but my husband’s job prevented us from moving. When we learned that he would be able to switch jobs in early September we immediately took steps to move.

Moving is scary, yes but it’s what we needed to do to grow. In my experience facing your fears will usually change your life for the better or teach you a valuable lesson. Here’s why you should do the thing you’re scared of doing.

To Advance Your Career

If you’re stuck at a job you hate but you’re staying to pay the bills I get it. It can seem crazy to quit your job without having something lined up or quitting when so many people are unemployed. Sometimes you might not look for other jobs because you’re afraid of rejection however, letting that stop you won’t pay off in the long run.

When we told people that my husband was leaving his “secure” job to find new employment almost everyone told us not to do it. We stuck to our guns and three weeks later he got a better job opportunity. If we had been too scared to try, he would still be at a job he hates and I’d still be missing my husband.

The same can be said for my career. I work for myself and while it’s scary at times it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

To Build A New Community

I was not happy where I lived. I’m extremely social and I love meeting new people and having new experiences but I’ve found it hard to connect with people there. I know that making new friends as an adult is hard but I also think the lack of diversity and the fact that I didn’t like where I lived played a big part in it. I couldn’t wait to move to a new city and meet a ton of new people.

It’s been two months but I’ve made really great connections. It’s hard to say how close I’ll get to the people I’ve met but so far it’s been great to have a social calendar again.

To Boost Your Confidence

I remember how much confidence moving across the country gave me. I ended up living in a new city by myself for eight months and it was the most eye opening time of my life. I learned that I could work for myself, that I could take care of myself and that the big city isn’t so scary after all. This is confidence that I’ve used in my everyday life since and while I was scared to make that big move I’m so glad I did.

You’ll Learn Something New

I promise you that stepping outside of your comfort zone will teach you something new. Even if you fail (which isn’t a bad thing) you’ll learn so much from the experience.

This year I’m doing so many new things that I’m honestly slightly afraid to do. One of the biggest things I’m doing is putting this community out into the world more. I’m launching a ton of stuff to help members of BGB and launching stuff to connect us with each other on a deeper level. It’s terrifying and beautiful and fun.

The fear of failure stops us from doing a ton of things but you can’t let it rule your life. If you’re looking for a sign to do that thing you’re scared to do then this is it!

What are you scared to do?

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