4 Super Blogging Checklists

If you want your blog to be a business you have to start treating it like one. That means you need to be serious and hold yourself accountable for the things you do to help your blog grow. Below I’m going to share some things you should be doing for your blog if you hope to make money from it. I have these blogging checklists printed out and taped above my desk for easy reference.

I’m keeping in mind that everyone isn’t a full time blogger and although I do some of these weekly things every day you might not need to. Make the call on how often you need to do these things by how big your audience is, how often you post and how long you can go without doing it before it becomes overwhelming.

Weekly Blogger Checklist

  • Review my editorial calendar and make sure I’m posting at least twice a week.
  • Review my social media accounts and make sure I’m posting the right kind of content to each.
  • Schedule a few old blog posts on my social media accounts. (Only ones still relevant to my audience.)
  • Respond to my blog comments.
  • Respond to my emails and clean out my inbox.
  • Edit and schedule my blog posts for the week.
  • Check my blog analytics to see how my blog has done in the past week.
  • Review my blog for broken links or images I can fix.
  • Finalize and finish guest post pitches.
  • Find something about my blog to be grateful for.
  • Set a to do lists for every weekday.

Checklist For Each Blog Post

  • Is my blog post title relevant and appealing to my readers and at least 40 characters long?
  • Is my SEO set up correctly and fully?
  • Do I have links to older blog posts relevant to this topic that could be included?
  • Did I credit the images used if credit is necessary?
  • Does the image I used match my brand identity?
  • Am I writing in the correct voice for my audience?
  • Did I include a call to action at the end of my post?
  • Do my links open in different tabs?
  • Am I promoting upcoming events and promotions?
  • Am I promoting my business and freelance services if applicable?

Weekly Social Media Checklists


  • Share posts from bloggers whose content I enjoy.
  • Follow a few people who will enrich my Twitter experience.
  • Have real authentic conversations with people.
  • Schedule tweets that link to current and older blog posts.
  • Respond to tweets.
  • Promote upcoming events and giveaways
  • Promote my business or freelance services if applicable.


  • Share each blog post I’ve written.
  • Write other posts meant to engage my audience.
  • Decide if I want to invest money in promoting posts.
  • Respond to my readers.
  • Promote upcoming events and giveaways
  • Promote my business or freelance services if applicable.


  • Repin images that inspire me or ones that I’ve learned from.
  • Pin my own blog posts.
  • Make sure I’m using Pinterest during mornings and weekends.
  • Promote upcoming events and giveaways
  • Promote my business or freelance services if applicable.


  • Post original pictures.
  • Post images from each blog post.
  • Share images that inspire or teach.
  • Promote upcoming events and giveaways
  • Promote my business or freelance services if applicable.

Financial Blogger Checklist (for those who make money blogging.)

  • Record all income and expenses by using excel or accounting software.
  • Check my business bank account.
  • Check my affiliate accounts.
  • Check Google Adsense.
  • Send invoices for upcoming or past work.
  • Set aside money for taxes and savings.
  • Note things that will become tax write offs and organize my receipts.
  • Review my budget and income.
  • Pay my expenses.

Monthly Blogger Checklist

  • Check analytics for the month.
  • Note posts that work and those that didn’t.
  • Make changes in the upcoming month to reflect what I noticed.
  • Change blog ads, banners and sidebar.
  • Think about places to guest post and start on pitches.
  • Plan a nice way to acknowledge one of my supporters.

Do you find checklists useful?

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