4 Things No One Told Me About Blogging

Starting a blog comes with its share of personal assumptions (some of which I’ve previously shared), realities and surprises. In the short time I’ve been a blogger I’ve managed to gather a wealth of knowledge that will help me on my journey for years to come.

Here are four things no one told me about blogging that I’ve discovered along the way:

You don’t need ads to generate revenue.

It’s common to see advertisements on many blogs with huge followings but there are other ways to make money. I’ve noticed that several of the bloggers I follow offer some sort of consulting service, have an online shop, write sponsored posts or a combination of the three.

Social media is a necessary evil.

Sometimes I get exhausted just thinking about the amount of effort I know I should be putting into my social media strategy but just haven’t gotten around to. Twitter works well for me but – as I have observed from other bloggers – I have to make use of some of the other social platforms at my disposal if I want to achieve my goal of extending my blog’s reach.

People you don’t know are often among your biggest supporters.

Discovering this gem makes me smile every time I think about it. Knowing that my words are touching people that I’ve never met and they are choosing to interact with me and share my content really warms my heart. It gives me that extra boost to keep going even when I’m not very motivated to do so.

Participating in link-ups is a win-win.

I think link-ups are a wonderful resource for bloggers. They provide a way for you to connect with fellow bloggers that may not be on your radar, and can be a means to get some new eyes on your blog, at least in my experience!

What are some of the things no one told you about blogging? Share in the comments below.

Author: Crissi Ponder

Crissi is the author and creator of Crissi Untangled, a personal blog chronicling her thoughts on life, culture and curls. She is also the founder, editor-in-chief and publisher of The Release, a digital literary magazine that recognizes the importance of self-expression through creative writing. Follow her on Twitter @CrissiUntangled.

  • I previously thought I needed to create accounts for all the popular social media platforms and I would get anxiety every time it crossed my mind! I’ve come to realize I don’t have the time or energy to deal with all of that, plus I wanted to devote time to the platforms I would actually enjoy using. I’ve settled on Pinterest and Twitter, but maybe there will be room for one more later down the line. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, Clarissa!

  • You’re welcome, Tamara! Thanks for reading.


    I was pretty shocked to find out people came from nowhere to read my blog! It makes it feel like what we’re doing actually means something.

    In terms of social media, I’ve realized it’s quite helpful to try out different ones, then stick to what works and what you like. For example, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram are where most of my audience comes from, so I utilize those the most. I have Facebook and Google+ but I’m not as fond to those so I’m not as active there. I think each works for different people (and that’s OK ;))

  • This is so true! I’m happy that I learned to accept that strangers would be my biggest supporters. Thank you for the reminder!

  • I think our supporters may also relate to us more than our loved ones do. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, Tee. Happy blogging!

  • It’s awesome, right? I’m so thankful for my supporters. Thanks for reading and commenting, Zena!

  • Soooo true. I found that most of those closest to me haven’t even visited my blog! It’s like it’s a hobby. I want to scream, “This ain’t a game!” But then there are the few who are my main supporters. I think it also has to do with mindset. Those supporters also possess the same entrepreneurial spirit that we have.

  • I agree with you in finding out that people you don’t know become your biggest supporters. I thought my biggest cheerleaders would be family and friends. I found that I share my passion with total strangers and they relate to me on a deeper level. I was shocked but I love it. The community I have is so supportive and I’m grateful.

    Zena | http://www.hersavvycareer.com