4 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

From the outside looking in, blogging seems to be just a hobby to most people. Just something you do to either document your life, share inspiration or a place to vent to anyone who’s willing to listen. But what most non-bloggers don’t know, is that blogging can not only lead to some pretty amazing opportunities but some big cash as well. If you’re looking to potentially make a full time income from your space or just bring in a extra few dollars, here are a few ways you can monetize your blog.

Sidebar Ads

Many bloggers offer ad spaces to other bloggers and business owners to advertise and promote on their blog for 30 days or more. The way you price your ads is up to you but of course things like monthly pageviews, social media followers, the size of the ad and perks (social media shout-outs, feature posts, giveaways, etc) come into consideration. Most bloggers use services like Passionfruit Ads to manage their ad spaces and payments. The service allows you to upload a shopping cart like feature to your blog to make it easy for businesses or bloggers to purchase their ad space.

Affiliate Links or Affiliate Marketing

You’ve probably seen a lot of bloggers write about their favorite items or shop that they love and include a link to it or ads in their sidebars to their favorite brands. Depending on the blog, more than likely that link is an affiliate link. The way affiliate marketing works is that if a reader clicks on that particular link and makes a purchase then you will make a percentage of that sale. The amount is usually small but it works very well for blogs that have a very loyal following and high traffic.

Some affiliate marketing sites:

There are literally a TON of affiliate sites out there. If you’re unsure of where to start, check out the brands that you love and your readers love. For most brands you can sign up for their affiliate programs directly from their websites.

Sponsored Posts/Content Networks

If you have been blogging consistently for a while then I am sure you have been contacted by a brand rep wanting to send you their product in exchange for a blog post. While it is always awesome to receive free stuff, putting together a great blog post takes a lot of effort and you should be compensated for your time. Put together a media kit, set yourself some rates and explain to their contact person what all comes with the post and how it can benefit them. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to a brand that you really want to work with.

There are also different content networks that work closely with businesses to create sponsorships or sponsored posts with influential bloggers. Basically they are the middle man. This ensures that you are getting paid properly and the businesses are getting the exposure they are looking for. Some require that you have at least 10,000 pageviews per month but in my opinion this is one of the best ways to bring in revenue to your blog.

A few Content Networks:

E-books, Services, Events, Etc.

One thing I tell my coaching clients who are looking to monetize their blogs is that the majority of your money will come from the other opportunities that your blog has led you to. This is also where the majority of my blogs money comes from as well. Your blog is your space to talk about whatever it is that you want and show that you’re an expert in your particular field. Branch out and use that to your advantage. For example many creative bloggers also design websites, seasoned bloggers host online classes and write e-books or if you’re an entrepreneur and love helping people you can begin offering business coaching services like I do.

Think outside the box and think of all the different ways you can use what you know and what you are passionate about to bring in a little extra income.

I should also point out that making money from your blog does NOT happen quickly. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t begin to make money immediately, it takes time, A LOT of hard work and consistency to make it happen. And no, not everyone will become a million dollar blogger but anytime you can make money doing something that you truly love is always an amazing experience!

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