5 Blogging Rules You Might Want To Break

I’m sure you’ve come across a ton of posts full of blogging “rules” by now. While I agree with a lot of the rules especially those about design and content I can’t help but notice that there are bloggers who never follow any of them and still have success. At the end of the day you have to do what feels right even if it goes against everything you’re told because your creativity could end up working to your advantage. Below I’ll share five blogging rules I think might be worth breaking.

Staying On Topic

We’re always told that we have to have a niche and our blog has to fall into a certain category to be successful as bloggers. While I think that’s true to a certain point I don’t think it’s written in stone. If you’re a fashion blogger but you want to talk about finances here and there you should. There’s no reason your audience won’t be receptive to it as long as you know what you’re talking about. Step out of the box sometimes. Maybe even create your own box. That could end up being your path to success.

Make sure you still relate to your audience if you do go off topic. If you’re blogging you should know who they are and what they like so talk about things you know interests them even if it’s outside of your niche.

Writing On A Schedule

Now, this is one that I’d really only recommend to hobby bloggers and bloggers who engage their audience in other meaningful ways outside of their blog. When I say meaningful I mean those bloggers who have regular conversations with their audience on social media, through a podcast or other mediums.

I’ll use myself as an example.

I currently consider my personal blog to be a hobby blog. I post when I can and when the inspiration strikes. Although I have no posting schedule at the moment my posts generally get a lot of views. That’s because I have several other blogs where I engage my audience and I tweet regularly. My audience knows I’m still alive and that I’ll post once a week or so but I make no promises. I think people like to read what I have to say so it works.

If I was using my personal blog to make money I wouldn’t take this strategy but since I don’t I see no harm in it. If you have a bigger audience you could get away with posting less because people will care what you have to say and look forward to what you post regardless. Since all of us don’t have the goal of being full time bloggers I think this is a great strategy to take so that you don’t stress yourself out. Just make sure you’re having conversations somewhere even if it isn’t on your blog.

Go Big Or Go Home

There’s always a new plugin or a new social media site or a new thing to try. Instead of cluttering your blog with all the things everyone says you need maybe you should keep it simple with just your content and a few social media buttons. The simple approach might be just what your audience wants.

Break Up Your Posts

I’m a big fan of using headings if you can’t tell. I think they make posts easier to read and more people will stay to see what your blog is about if you do. However, you might not want everyone to read your blog. Maybe you only want the readers who will want to read what you’re writing and really feel your passion.

This strategy would probably work really well for bloggers who write personal stories or ones who delve deep into a topic that they really care about.

Show Your Weakness 

It seems that people want to pretend they have it all together these days. I don’t know when that became the thing to do but it did. I see so many people giving themselves titles and pretending their life or business is perfect and I find it a little weird. It’s ok to transparently share your journey. You’ll help so many people along the way and when you finally “make it” everyone can see that success is not a straight path but a crooked road.

Are there any blogging rules that you break?

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