5 Skills Every Blogger Should Have

We blog for many different reasons. Some of us use our blogs as a way to express our views and opinions, release our emotions or share with others whatever it is we may be feeling at the present time. Then there are those of us who us our blogs as a platform to showcase our creative side in hopes it helps us gain bigger and better career opportunities. Often times the idea of having a specific skill set for blogging may be taken lightly or not even given any consideration at all, but I think all bloggers should have the following five skills.

Engaging Content: Regardless of the genre your blog falls under, the content you’re presenting to your readers should be engaging.You should know your target audience so that you’re able to use specific ways to draw your readers in and keep them engaged. You want your audience to anticipate your posts and love them enough to not only come back for more, but to share them with others.

A Solid Work Ethic: One of the most important skills is having the drive and determination to produce content by any means necessary. If you take your blog seriously I would suggest looking at it as a second job. Carving time into your schedule to create new content for your blog often and not leaving it idle for too many days is best. Self-discipline is key and extremely important in order to run a SUCCESSFUL blog.

Willingness to Network: I’m one of the biggest introverts you’ll ever meet. I’m so shy and I prefer to fall in the back and not be around big crowds but I’ve never let that stop me up from networking and connecting with other bloggers. You not only need to have the willingness to network, but you have to want to be supportive or other people’s blogs and brands. Networking is a skill and you don’t really get far without perfecting this skill.

A Decent Blogging Schedule: Lawd, help us all. I’m fully aware how crazy having a set schedule can be, but this is where your strong work ethic skills will come into play. Your willingness to set up a schedule to create content is important. I’ve found that having a calendar for my blog has really helped as well as choosing a day like Sunday to do what I like to call “binge writing.” I’ll create 3-4 posts in one day and schedule them to post throughout the week. For those of us who work Mon-Fri this skill really comes in handy.

Develop Tough Skin: I know we all love positive feedback when it comes to the work that we share on our blogs but it pays to be prepared to receive any negative feedback that may come our way. Negative feedback comes with the territory of blogging, which is why having tough skin is important. When you grow as a blogger so will your audience. Growth will be followed by many who love your work and others who will always have something negative to say. You have to be brave enough to blog through it all. You must be strong enough to never give up despite the bad things you may hear. Confidence is key! As long as you’re confident in what you create you’ll continue to prevail.

Nobody ever told me that I would fall in love with blogging. What’s kept me going is the desire to not only perfect my writing skills, but the desire to perfect my blogging skills as a whole. When putting your work out into the world it’s not just about what you love and want, but it’s about what your audience loves and wants as well. A great skill set is what a successful blogger should possess. We should always take our skills seriously. So here’s to developing our skills or just simply perfecting our current ones. Happy Blogging Ladies!