6 Ways To Get Post (Or Business) Ideas Flowing

 I received an email from a blogger asking me what she can do to constantly come up with new blog post ideas. Since this is something I have to do on a regular basis I thought I’d write a blog post full of my tips. Let’s get right into them.

Try Something New

A few days ago I was on the elliptical watching Youtube videos when I decided to watch a new channel. The video I watched gave me a great idea for my blog. It’s funny because if I hadn’t decided to watch a different Youtuber that idea might not have been born. This is a really simple example of how trying something new can give you the great ideas.

Everyone always tells you to make big changes but little ones help too. Eat lunch at a new place and people watch. Go to a new part of town, experiment with color and try different types of events. Trying new things gets the creative juices flowing every time.

Work Randomly

I’m the type of person who schedules everything. I schedule lunch, time for writing and time with friends but I still find that my day never follows my schedule exactly because I like to work randomly.

I like to write a bit and then read some blogs. Write a little bit more and then go to the gym. Sometimes on the drive back home I’ll decide that I want to go to the mall instead and I’ll switch some things around so that I can write later that night.

Working this way helps me to constantly come up with new ideas because I’m not trying to force it. I let it come naturally and get inspiration from living my life organically.

Be Inspired By Others

I read a lot of blogs and most of them inspire my blogging in some way. I don’t copy other bloggers but sometimes reading a post by another blogger will make me think about an issue and want to write about it myself. It can be that I disagree with their point or want to express a point they made in a different way.

I’ll also take inspiration from outfit posts. Sometimes I can’t decide what to wear but I’ll remember a post I read the day before on print mixing or color blocking and that inspires my style post.

Get Involved In You Community

Communities are so much bigger than the ones outside of your front door. For instance, if you’re a diabetic you should seek out others with your condition. If you’re a natural hair enthusiast seek out your sisters! If you only wear the color red I’m sure there are people just like you.

Figure out what communities you identify with and get involved by going to events, connecting with public figures and talking to other people who share something with you. You will be surprised by how much inspiration you’ll get from one conversation.

Write Down Every Idea (Big Or Small)

Ideas always pop into my head while I’m grocery shopping or having a conversation with someone. I usually jot these ideas down in my phone’s notepad and when I’m creating my editorial calendar I look back over them and decide which ones to turn into posts. Some of the ideas are ridiculous or not suited for the current season but I can usually go back over that list at the end of each month to find inspiration.

Ask Questions

What do your readers want to read? Pretty simple. Right?

Which reminds me… what type of articles would you like to see on this blog? How would you like to see the community expand?

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