7 Strategies That Will Make Your Writing Better

If you have a blog I’m sure you want to become a better writer. I’m always educating myself and attempting to perfect my technique. Below I want to share 7 strategies that will make you a better writer.

Write Every Day 

When I made writing every day a habit in 2013 I became a better writer. I’ve been going through my old posts on my personal blog during my hiatus and it’s amazing to see how much my writing has improved. If you force yourself to write for at least 15 minutes a day you will find that catching mistakes is a lot easier. It will also make you more aware of the way you format sentences and it will help you write in a more conversational tone. I used to set an alarm in my phone to remind me to write every night so that I didn’t forget but now that I create content for so many sites I don’t have to remind myself.

Write Freely and Then Clean Up 

My first draft is always a hot stinking mess. When I go back to reread what I wrote I’m usually baffled at my sentence structure. Yes, writing freely means your first draft might be trash but you’ll get all of your thoughts out before you forget them which will make your writing 10 times better when you’re done.

Edit, Edit & Then Edit Again

I love to edit other people’s writing but I don’t like to edit my own. I’m such a perfectionist that I can look at the same post more than 20 times before I hit publish. I catch mistakes up to the third or fourth time editing so it’s worth it although it’s a lot. If you stay ahead on your blog posts this one wont suck so much because you can edit, take a break for a day and come back to edit again with a fresh set of eyes.

Walk Away When You’re Stuck, Do Something & Them Come Back To It

When I get stuck I walk away from whatever I’m writing to clear my mind and recalibrate. I try not to fill this time with mindless activity like social media or TV. Instead, I go outside and do something physical because I don’t think there’s anything better than fresh air (and maybe a snack) to get my mind right. Find out what stimulates your mind and then do that when you have writer’s block.

Read As Much As You Can 

I used to read all the time but I noticed over the past two years that I’ve become so “busy” which is just and excuse since I have time to hang out with my friends and watch TV. Lately, I’ve started to make time to read books again which has helped my creativity so much. Reading helps me come up with blog post ideas and it helps better my writing technique. It’s also a great escape when life gets too crazy. I’m thinking of starting a Brown Girl Bloggers Book Club where we read a book by a Brown Girl every month. Thoughts?

Think About Your Audience When You Write

I wrote this post because I’ve noticed that articles about writing are viewed a lot on the site. As I stated last week I would really like to write more of these types of posts. I don’t believe anyone can be a “perfect writer” or the “best writer,” but I believe being able to convey your thoughts in a easy to read way is one of the steps to having a successful blog.

Let Someone Else Proofread Your Work 

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes in our writing so I think it’s important to have a proofreader. You won’t alway have someone to check you work but if you have a blogging friend to hold you accountable you’ll see a difference in your writing. Your friend will catch mistakes your eyes don’t see and they can offer you a different perspective on your writing.

Sound off in the comments! What do you think helps make writing better?

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