7 Ways to Come Up with Writing Material For Your Blog

One of the biggest dilemmas that anyone—student, professor, journalist, and blogger— could face is that infamous brick wall.


I have suffered this atrocity a number of times in my lifetime, and for me, personally, it often springs from the inseparable relationship that I have with my dearly beloved, procrastination.

Now, as a student who currently is pursuing a career dominated by mainly writing, I have had to learn certain techniques over the years to help me not only overcome those terrifying moments of blankness, but also prevent them altogether.

So today, I decided to share a few of my tips and techniques, in the hopes that they will help save you from a writing disaster!

Utilize your moments of inspiration

Whenever you have a new idea, write it down on paper or in your phone, even if it has nothing to do with your blog. At the end of each week, transfer all of your ideas over to a word document and categorize them. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas you can accumulate over the span of a month and the amount of ideas that will manifest into a blog post!

Allow your surroundings to inspire you

One of the biggest lessons I learned in college was to use my senses, and that is exactly what you should do too. Be aware of the elements that surround you and allow them to inspire you.

For example, have you seen or heard anything shocking or quirky lately? What was the highlight of your day? Even if that was having an awkward “run-in” with a squirrel, what color was that squirrel? Ash Brown? Black? Do you have anything in your closet that resembles it in color or symbol? There, you have a new style post!

Simply, ask.

The greatest tool that you could ever have as a blogger is the ability to communicate with people. So talk to your friends, relatives, followers and even fellow bloggers about what they’d like to see on your blog!

The Internet

The Internet is your best resource. Use social outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine to find things that inspire you. And when all else fails, search for ideas on Google or utilize your favorite blogs and magazine sites.


The greatest connection one can have is with oneself. Become more attuned with your emotions and try to express them in the most positive way that you can. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with talking about “it.” Often times, our best work comes out of our deepest moments of sadness.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help spark an idea:

How have you been feeling lately? Have you been feeling a bit under the weather? What has caused this? Have there been any recent changes in your life? How has that affected your style? Talk about it!


There are a lot of groundbreaking television series with iconic characters (Ex. Olivia Pope from Scandal and Cookie Lyon from Empire). Whether it is their style or makeup that you favor, try to channel an aspect of the character and show us your results!


One of the most beneficial factors of being a blogger is that you have the ability to express many aspects of yourself. And one of the most popular aspects that you can discuss is your “favorites.” Keep in mind that “favorites” does not have to be limited to just beauty and fashion.

For example, you can share your favorite things about your body while discussing or promoting positive body image.

Do you have any writing tips?