How To Purchase Your Domain Name With Namecheap

I get asked about domain names constantly because everyone puts so much stock in choosing the correct domain name. While your domain name is important it’s way more important to have good content so I wouldn’t stress too much about it.

Make sure your domain is short, memorable, easy to spell, and doesn’t include letters or dashes unless absolutely necessary. I don’t think it matters if your site uses .com or .co or .me to be honest. If your website is good people will come.

If you’ve already chosen your domain name purchasing it should be easy. The absolute easiest way to purchase a domain is through your host but I never do that. I prefer to buy my domains from Namecheap because I don’t want one company to have all that power over me. If buying through your host is the option you want to take go for it.

If you want to use Namecheap I’m going to guide you through the process of setting up an account and purchasing your domain that can later be pointed to your host.

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First up click this link to go to Namecheap‘s homepage.







Once there search for the domain you want.









Once you find the domain you want click the grey shopping cart to add it to your cart and then click the orange view cart button.







The cart looks like this…









Next hit confirm order to be taken to this page.


If you don’t already have an account go ahead and create one now. Once you’ve created your account using the form on the right hand side of the screen you’ll be directed to fill out your contact information.








Once you filled out your contact info and moved on to the next screen click the orange continue button on the right side of the screen. This will take you to the billing page which is self explanatory if you’ve ever purchased something online. I like to use Paypal over putting my card info in but you do what you do.

Once you’ve logged into your Namecheap account you will see a button titled Domain List on the right side of the screen. Click it.




Next navigate to the domain you’d like to work with and click manage.


On the next screen click Advanced DNS


On the Advanced DNS screen you will set up your CNAME record and A record for your domain.


Each web host has a different way of connecting to your Namecheap account but they all require you to use Nameservers. Learn more here.

Once you’ve created an A record and/or CNAME record you just have to wait until it goes through. Although it says automatic on Namecheap that rarely happens. I’ve had it take up to 48 hours for my domain name to go through.

Now you have a domain and if you followed the steps it’s connected to your WordPress install. If you have no clue what I’m talking about check out these posts:

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I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes in the comments or on social media!

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