Brown Girl Bloggers was created in 2014 to promote, encourage and unite minority women who create content online. Since then we’ve evolved into a thriving community of online influencers who have audiences on every online platform. Our purpose is to bring diversity to the online landscape by connecting influencers with brands, the media and each other.

We encourage and inspire minority women through our blog and social media. This includes blog posts on best blogging practices, inspirational posts meant to encourage and a network to introduce bloggers to each other and brands.

If you’re a Brown Girl Blogger please register for the site and if you’re a company looking to sponsor an event or create a blogger campaign connect with us at info@browngirlbloggers.com.

Our Primary Goals Are To:

  • Educate and inspire minority women through this blog and our social media presence.
  • Create exposure for minority women who create content online.
  • Connect influencers with brands so that both influencer and brand can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Connect our community through events. These events range from workshops where they learn the business of blogging to happy hours so that they can connect with each other and brands.

The Founder & Editor OR Head Blogger In Charge 

Hey y’all I’m Candice VanWye, the Founder & Editor of Brown Girl Bloggers. I’m a Southern girl if the y’all didn’t tip you off but I currently live in San Francisco with my husband and way too many pairs of shoes. I started this blog in 2014 after blogging for about a year and not seeing many brown faces. It was originally a blogroll that I used to connect bloggers in certain niches but it’s grown to be so much more. Today it’s my mission to help brown women create the best blogs they possibly can while also enjoying it and making friends. I’m doing this in a variety of ways that I hope you find useful. If you ever want to contact me personally feel free to reach out on Twitter and follow me on Instagram where I’m most popular. I also use Snapchat a lot (candicevanwye) but if you don’t want to see me and my husband being extremely childish and un-adult like don’t bother following. (ha)

I’m so grateful for everyone who’s taken the time out to visit this site to learn and connect with all of us. Stay for a little while why don’t ya.

If you want to know more from me visit my blog and show me some love.


Questions, concerns or inquires about how you can buy us doughnuts :)


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