We are a team!

Brown Girl Bloggers (BGB) has been a leading source in influencer marketing since 2014. We specialize in conceptualizing campaigns for brands ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We also educate and connect our community of influencers both online and off. 

Established by Candice VanWye in 2014, Brown Girl Bloggers has served as a leading voice in the online community for WOC and has been able to foster the trust and respect of these influencers as well as their audiences.

In 2019, Michelle Benjamin joined the company as COO and a Cofounder to help take things to the next level.

We focus on curating special events, social content, and educational materials for our audience. From online dedicated brand campaigns to live events, we pride ourselves on creating fully customized experiences for influencers and brands alike. 

Through our agency Diversely, we help brands connect with minority audiences through influencer marketing. 

Meet The Leaders Of The Pack

Candice VanWye

Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle Benjamin

Co-Founder & COO

I'm so happy with the images from my campaign. Thank you for making it happen!

Essence Hayes

Thank you! I appreciate my blog critique and help with updating my blog AND LOVE IT! I feel so much better now, and will start cranking out the content.

Olyvia Floyd

I love Brown Girl Blogger’s twitter chats. For a whole hour women of color come together to share advice and better each other.