The Adobe Creative Residency

My Overall Goals

“To further develop my online video production skills while showing the world how much one very determined creative person can learn in a year. I hope to encourage other creatives through this very transparent process.”

“To introduce the world to amazing creative women of color in a more personal, fun, and authentic way.”

“To host workshops for creative women of color all around the world so that they can have a safe space to talk while also expanding their creative knowledge and skills.”

This video explains my motivations and the outcome I hope to achieve in more detail.

The Type Of Content I Will Create

Below, I’ve included a video that is shot in one of the styles I’d produce during my residency. This is one of the first videos I’ve produced in this style and I learned several things during the process that I would share with the community and use to create other videos going forward if I were to receive the residency. As stated in the video above I plan to use online videos to share my residency experience but I’ll probably write about it as well.

I learned that….

A few hours isn’t enough time to shoot a video in this style because in most cases I won’t get enough b-roll, especially if the subject has other obligations throughout the day.I should always double and triple check that every camera I’m using is in focus. I filmed the interview with a second camera but was not able to use the footage because it was out of focus.It’s always better to have more footage than I need.


I should incorporate more dynamic moving shots into these videos which will require a camera stabilizer.I should invest in long music tracks for my videos.If I’m not also on camera, I should be more mindful not to talk or make any type of noise while my subject is speaking to the camera.


I should take notes on the things I want to highlight during editing while I’m filming my subject if I’m not on camera.I should get sound bites while doing b-roll footage so that I have clips of my subject speaking in various environments.I need a microphone to produce the quality of videos I want.

A Few Of The Women I'd Like To Highlight

Sources Of Inspiration

I’m constantly inspired by the content creators I highlight through Brown Girl Bloggers as well as the creators who interact with me through the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter

I’m also inspired by videos made on channels like Buzzfeed and Refinery29. If given the resources through the creative residency I’ll make sure to highlight very interesting artists all over the world.

I’ve also created two mood boards that embody the types of environments I love and the mood I’d like my workshops to have.