Advice On Blogging From Brown Girl Bloggers

In my ongoing effort to highlight Brown Girl Bloggers I thought it would be really awesome to share some advice from the community. I’ve given some advice myself but I think it’s good if you hear from other bloggers as well.  If you would like to be added to the contributor email list (and I KNOW you would) please let me know here. This is completely different than the email list on the sidebar.

Kristen Noelle of says:

Have a unique angle. With so many individuals present in the blogosphere, you have to decide how you’re going to stand out and approach your topic(s) of discussion. Is there a specific voice or focus that you find is lacking? What’s going to encourage readers to type in your domain, subscribe to your feed, and share your work?

Additionally, establish why you’re blogging up front and never lose sight of why you started. Did you create your blog as a way to reach out to others like you? To provide inspiration, or share advice? As a platform for discussing current events? Maybe it’s simply because you want an outlet to share your thoughts and document parts of your life. Each of these are valid reasons, but no matter the intent, it’s important to approach your platform with authenticity and passion. This tool will have the power to really touch other individuals, to make constant first impressions and thus, lasting impressions. The best impressions aren’t made by being carbon copies of something that already exists.

It’s great to evolve, and prayerfully your site will expand over time (if this is what you desire). As you grow, always keep your vision in mind. Offer valuable content that aligns with the goals you’ve set for your site, and remain true to the unique characteristics that make your blog undeniably you.

Ola from  wrote an entire blog post giving some advice. Check it out here.

Kierra from A Pretty Thought has two advice articles I think are worth reading. 3 Ways to Make Your Blog More Personal and 4 Blogging Tips for the Working Girl
Leave your advice for other Brown Girl Bloggers in the comments. 

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