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Are You A Supportive Blogger?

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Candice VanWye


I'm the founder of this community and a creative millennial. In my spare time I write on my my personal blog and make youtube videos. I also have a podcast called The Creative Millennial where I interview cool people. I love to eat, hate to cook, and shop too much. Click the buttons below to follow my socials and follow me on snapchat: @candicevanwye

  • EJae

    Hello Ladies!

    I really love this post and I love this forum for Brown Girl Bloggers. I do click the hashtag like/comment. There’s so much refreshing talent out there. I’m just getting back into blogging after taking a year off due to work/school commitments. I’m excited to meet/support/network. Events pertaining to connecting, a forum or even something hands on. I would love to connect with techie bloggers as well!

  • Anissa

    Hiii! I’m new to this page and I love everything about what you’re doing. I am looking forward to experiencing what greatness you have in store ????

  • Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

  • Destiny

    I loved the BGBChat recap! It wasn’t too lengthy at all!

  • Dorothy

    I wholeheartedly love to support other women however, the support must be mutual. It can get exhausting when the other party has there own agenda.

    As for an event, create something that others can connect I mean really connect and share their story. Everybody likes a story.