I'm the founder of this community and a creative millennial. In my spare time I write on my my personal blog and make youtube videos. I also have a podcast called The Creative Millennial where I interview cool people. I love to eat, hate to cook, and shop too much. Click the buttons below to follow my socials and follow me on snapchat: @candicevanwye

*Photo courtesy of Create Her Stock   BIG NOTE: Since writing

In early 2017 I started a tutorial for Hostgator

I get asked about domain names constantly because everyone

I think we can all agree that first impressions

I'm getting back into the groove of blogging here,

I've been going through the archives and updating posts

I recently decided to give Viraltag a go after

I've always believed that having friends is one of

Last Thursday I was invited to Spotify's San Francisco

If you're starting your first blog (or fifth) I'm