Tips For Balancing Blogging and a Day Job

I’ve been working in Human Resources for six years and I love my job which is why I decided to blog about women and careers at Her Savvy Career.  Ten months later, I’m consumed with putting all of my spare-time into growing my blog while still being successful at my day job. Its not an easy task but over the past several months I have stuck to four key tips to maintain balance between blogging and my day job.

Don’t Forget What Pays the Bills

While you are working on your passion project and trying to eventually monetize your blog, don’t forget that you need to to pay your bills now.  You cannot neglect your day job once you start blogging.  You may love what you blog about, but you still have to go to work (until you don’t anymore).  Until the day comes when you can stop working for “The Man”, you have to make sure you keep your day job happy.  Continue to be the rockstar that you are at work so that you keep the checks rolling in.

Use Your Tools and Time Wisely

Hootsuite has become my BFF. I schedule tweets and Facebook posts to be sent out while I’m at work.  This way I can still engage with my audience while I am making money at my full time gig.   There are other services similar to Hootsuite out there, so find what works best for you. It’s important that you find the tools that allow you to be smart with your time and more efficient.  Speaking of time, there will be days where you will work long hours and come home tired but you still want to blog and put time into your site.  This means you have to do a lot of planning.  Dedicate time to your blog in advance.  Mark off time on your calendar and stick to it.  This way you maintain a schedule and you don’t let too much time go by without creating new content.

Use a Content Calendar

I swear by this now.  When I get in the writing mood, I can knock out a few posts in one day.  However, I make sure that I schedule those posts out so that I am not overwhelmed trying to come up with a lot of content at once.  By using a content calendar, and scheduling posts, you give yourself some breathing room when you are unable to create content.  This works really well when your day job has you working longer hours and you may not have the leeway to focus on your blog for a couple weeks.  If you stack up on content, then your post will go live without you needing to do anything.

Respect Company Time and Resources

I am so tempted to blog, tweet, post, share, and all that other good stuff all day while I’m at work on the company computer but I don’t. First, because I’m in human resources and that’s just not right.  But secondly, because I don’t want to get fired for handling my personal business on company time.  Instead, I take my iPad to work so that I can tweet on my breaks, post pics at lunch, or update my status when I have free time and I’m not working.  I know you want to put all of your time and energy into your blog, but while you are at work getting paid to do something else, is not the right time.

So far, these four tricks have been helping me get through my first year of blogging.  They are simple but important if you need your full-time job to hold you down while you try to build an empire.  What tips do you use to balance blogging and working full-time?  We’d love to hear what works for you.

Zena is the Founder of Her Savvy Career (, the Savvy Girl's Guide to Navigating Work. Zena is a Human Resources Professional from Washington, DC and is passionate about helping women achieve career success.