BGB + Create Her Stock

I’m sure you’ve heard of Create Her Stock by now. It’s an amazing resource of stock pictures for women of color FEATURING women of color and it’s owned by a Brown Girl Blogger. I love the site and believe it’s something much needed in the blogosphere today. We use their pictures here on this blog and the quality is amazing.

I reached out to Neosha the Founder of Create Her Stock to show my support and she responded by giving Brown Girl Bloggers an amazing deal on her site.

A few pictures from Create Her Stock

There is a free membership and a paid membership structure at Create Her Stock. I’ve included the benefits below.


However, members of BGB can get three months of the premium membership for $12. After three months the price goes back to $7 each month.

I’m so happy that Neosha gave us this code but I’d actually like to encourage you to get a regular premium membership if you can. That money will be going directly to support a small black business owner and every little bit helps.

However, if you want to try the service out first at a discounted rate or if this fits your budget a little better definitely try it out!

The link to use the code is here.

Have you used Create Her Stock?

Author: Candice VanWye

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  • Makeup Mommy

    So hard finding quick Images, i love this!!!!

  • Carol Dunlop

    AWESOMESAUCE I am sooo happy to see this. If I was a photog I would have done it myself, but hats off to awesomeness

  • Jodi-Kay Edwards

    I love this idea, just submitted a few photos myself and checked out their stock photos! Great selection!

  • This is a great service to have! Our market is so often overlooked. It’s great to see someone doing something about it. Kudos to you, Neosha!

  • This is amazing! It is so frustrating trying to find stock images that include women who like like me. Neosha is a genius for creating this!