My Biggest Regret As A Blogger

As an emerging style blogger, I have many regrets.

Wait… that sounds kind of depressing. Let’s switch it up.

As an emerging style blogger, I have many lessons learned. Besides making mistakes, there are things I wished I had done differently and things I honestly don’t want to remember I did. Among the list of fiascos I have stored in my memory there is one lesson in particular that stands out – finding my blogging voice.

Starting a blog is commendable. It takes guts to share a piece of you with the world, no matter the subject. However, I learned very quickly that the temptation to copy other people was almost irresistible. In the pursuit of growing an audience and increasing my social media following, I made a lot of compromises in the beginning of my blogging journey. Simply put, I did not start out by being totally me. I styled my clothing based solely on trends, and tried to pose like all the cool fashion bloggers I followed.

That didn’t work out for several reasons.

The first being that I never liked following trends. Of course they influence me but my wardrobe has always been based on items I fall in love with, not what everyone else is wearing. Secondly, I’m not a model. I’m a designer and a complete dork. That means I sometimes stand in the most awkward poses and my best pictures are usually taken off guard.

Looking back, I realize that I did myself a huge disservice by not being authentic from the beginning of my blogging journey. What’s great is that in my failure I got back up, dusted myself off and began blogging again but with a different strategy. Now I’m inspired by others but always 100% me.

What about you, the beautiful brown girl reading this post?

Do you have a lesson you’ve learned since you started blogging?

Tamara Holder is the owner/designer of Baydian, an emerging fashion company that specializes in hand-painted scarfs. She’s also a style blogger at Baydian Girl (, where she writes about wearing scarves on the everyday runway.