Living With Melanin Magic and Depression

There’s an old yet well known belief in the black community that we are supposed to be immune to feeling down and out. In fact, depression is not spoken of in black households. Since childhood we’ve been told to deal with bad feelings on our own instead of seeking...

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I Weep For Humanity

We dream of wealth, we dream of happiness, we dream of conquering the world and changing the course of fate. But we never want to walk down the bumping road full of hurdles that could lead us to those dreams becoming reality. We live in a world that has boundaries...

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5 Tips To Be More Confident

We all feel a bit unsure of ourselves from time to time which can cause us to lose out on great opportunities. Sometimes we shy away from being confident because we associate it with being arrogant but, what is confidence? According to the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus, confidence is...

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