5 Tips To Be More Confident

We all feel a bit unsure of ourselves from time to time which can cause us to lose out on great opportunities. Sometimes we shy away from being confident because we associate it with being arrogant but, what is confidence? According to the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus, confidence is...

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How To Take A Break From Your Blog

Taking a blogging break can be hard when you’re a protective and proud blog owner. Although we all know the benefits of taking breaks it’s usually easier said than done when we’re trying to build a brand. It’s especially scary to think about leaving your blog and not even...

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Be Featured In The BGB Weekly Roundup

this weeks links

On September 30th we’re bringing the weekly roundup back to Brown Girl Bloggers. Each week we will feature  5 – 7 posts from bloggers in the community that we love and want everyone else to read. The feature will include a small write up of your blog post and a...

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