Avoid These Six Mistakes On Your Blog

 Before launching this site I went on a mission to build the blogroll as much as I could. While building the blogroll and looking through tons of blogs I noticed a few things that I thought I would point out. This isn’t meant to be mean spirited in anyway and it’s my opinion. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

There Is No Way To Contact You

A lot of bloggers don’t have a contact page, contact box, or email listed on their blog. I find that a little weird since you’re putting yourself out into the world. You should make it really easy for your readers to find you especially if you aren’t a super popular blogger (and even if you are.) I don’t see the point of not clearly posting your email or having an email that says blank (at) blank (dot) com. Some people prefer contact forms while others just want an easy way to copy your email address and paste it into the email they’re sending you. Of course I’m not an expert so feel free to disagree with me and tell me why in the comments.

Your Social Media Isn’t Easily Discoverable

If you aren’t on social media it’s obvious why it wouldn’t be listed but if you have social media accounts no one should have to search for them. The easiest places to put the icons are in the tabs, the sidebar or on your contact page. That’s where people will be looking. Since social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your blog it should be really important to you that readers can find your profiles.

You Have A Captcha In The Comments

Certain blogs get a ton of traffic and with that traffic comes a certain amount of spam. Even they don’t have captcha. There is something so annoying about trying to compliment someone’s shoes or leave your opinion on a think piece only to have to plug that in. If you’re really worried about getting that much spam maybe it’s worth it but it turns readers off. I usually abandon my comment if I run into one and I know others who do the same. I can only think of a handful of really big sites that might need a captcha but honestly it cuts reader interaction.

Your Blog Doesn’t Fit The Screen

I know fashion bloggers especially want to have huge pictures but when your entire blog, including the sidebar, bleeds off of the screen that’s a huge distraction. This is especially true if you have your social media links or other important info in the sidebar. I know big pictures are appealing but blogs that fit inside the screen look a whole lot better.

Your Pictures Are To Big

With the above being said I personally hate when I have to scroll down to see an entire picture. Why does your picture have to be that big? What are we seeing then that we couldn’t see with a slightly smaller picture? I would really like answers.

You Use

This does not apply if your blog is a hobby but for people who are using their blogs as a writing portfolio or as a means to generate income I believe having the .com makes it look so much more professional. It shows that you take your blog seriously. It’s usually $11 for your domain per year. I’m sure you’d spend that on something much more superficial.

In the comments add your blogger dos and don’t or feel free to disagree with the above points. 

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