A Blogger’s Net Worth = A Blogger’s Network

I fell into my professional storytelling career so I was not prepared for all of the hurdles that came with this life. I LOVE my job and I wouldn’t change it for anything but if I had known the value of a blogger’s network in the first 6 months of my career, who knows where I would be now.

I started the Grown Up Truth as a place to release emotions about my new adult experience.  Little did I know it would become a meal ticket. Since I didn’t graduate with a degree called “How To Build A Brand On The World Wide Web,” I made plenty of mistakes out of sheer ignorance that I hope that you can learn from them.

Here are a few ways to make sure your network helps to increase your net worth.

Social Media Networking: I do more social media now than I ever did in my personal life.  While my social media presence is still as genuine as it was before Grown Up Truth, I am just more aware of the influence that it has on my brand. Research other brands similar to you. Find them, follow them, and watch what they are saying.  You can learn something! Staying “in the know” of your niche is very important for not only your brand but the integrity of your work. Stay Current!

Social Media Networking – Step 2: Once you become comfortable with updating your profiles more than once a day, reach out to other bloggers. I am building a phenomenal network of strong people on twitter!  These people may not know your whole life story, but they are understanding of your lifestyle and hustle. Support them as they will support you.

Blogger Meet-Ups: Networking with people in person is far better than on social media.  If possible, schedule coffee dates with bloggers in your area. (If you are in the SF Bay Area, I would love to connect.) Who knows what could come out of that conversation – a new friend, a new follower, or maybe you next business partner?

I didn’t start actively doing these activities until 6 months into my career.  I encourage you to start doing them now!  I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

How are you increasing your network?

Author: Lexi B

  • I’m the same way with social media — I do it more as a necessity for my writing than I ever did before for enjoyment. It’s sometimes hard to make myself do it, but the benefits are great. There’s a ton of start-up events here in Iowa, but I’m not sure about ones related to blogging specifically. I’m definitely going to look into it, otherwise well worth travel to the Twin Cities or something! Now to work on not being afraid to meet new people…

  • I would totally be down for a small blogger meet-up, even something one-on-one. I just don’t know any Chicago bloggers living in the inner city, though. :/

  • Alexandria

    #LexiApproved :)

  • Alexandria

    I completely understand Chonce! Twitter and I have a growing relationship :). It was very challenging at first, since I am a private person. But once you get in the groove, twitter can be magical.

  • I always forget about in person blogger meet ups. I need to put that on my action plan asap.

  • Chonce Maddox

    Great advice! I’m trying to be more active on social media because I really could stand Twitter at the beginning, but it is a necessity now and I get to hear from so many great people. Blogger meet-ups locally and at conferences would be nice as well.