My Blogging New Year’s Resolutions For 2015

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when we reflect on the past and get super excited about the year to come.  We all make lofty goals that we swear we’ll stick to but within a couple of months, those ambitious dreams are far behind us. This year I vow to be different so I’m documenting my blogging resolutions for 2015. These are the things that I want to change or do better. I’m hoping that by posting them here I have to hold myself accountable. Below are my three New Year’s Resolutions.

Have Consistent Visuals

The great thing about blogging is that you learn a lot as you go and you pick up things from others that you can improve upon. The biggest thing I Iearned in the latter part of 2014 is you have to create a brand and your images are a part of your brand.  I used to just find a picture, throw it on my blog and give credit. What I found was that my images were not consistent with my brand.  I did not edit them, they did not pull readers into my blog and they didn’t always compliment my content.  In 2015, I’m going to put more time into editing my images so that they support my content and speak to my brand.  The goal is for readers to see an image and think of Her Savvy Career right away. 

Engage My Audience More

Next year, I want to connect more with my audience.  I don’t want to just write to them but, I want to interact with them. I do have a few loyal readers who provide me with feedback and inspire my blog posts however, I would like to reach even more readers. I want to hear what they want me to write about so that I give them content that is important to them. The goal is to create more call to action items where I can solicit comments, surveys, and opinions in order to make my blog more dynamic and overall more engaging to my audience.

Monetize My Blog

My blog has been a passion project so far.  My main focus has been on providing information and advice, building a brand and an audience. Now that I’m coming up on year two, I need to step it up and make some money from this thing because blogging is not free. I have to pay for my domain, hosting and several other things. It only makes sense that I start to make money from my initial investment so that I can profit from my blog.

So, I put it out there. These are the three things that I plan to do in 2015.

What blogging resolutions have you made for the New Year?

Zena is the Founder of Her Savvy Career (, the Savvy Girl's Guide to Navigating Work. Zena is a Human Resources Professional from Washington, DC and is passionate about helping women achieve career success.