How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

I’ve always believed that having friends is one of the best ways to stick with blogging because it can get lonely. Most of us won’t be successful overnight and because of this it might be hard to stick with our blog when we don’t think anyone is reading. When you have friends who are also interested in blogging you’ll always have someone you can email and ask for advice and you’ll have more confidence. It also takes the pressure off your other friends who might love you but aren’t interested in blogging.

You shouldn’t be worried about reaching out to your peers, but if you are you should first start by following them on social media and interacting with them. Once you’ve done that you should propose a collaboration so that you can have a more one on one connection with that blogger.

Bloggers with smaller audiences usually tell me they can’t do collaborations. They don’t think they’ll be able to find other bloggers to collaborate with which has always seemed a little crazy to me. Yes, bloggers with larger audiences might not want to collaborate with you but if your content is great you never know. I’d never tell a smaller blogger not to try to collaborate with a bigger blogger but I encourage collaboration between bloggers who are at the same level. That might mean someone who has similar numbers or it might mean collaborating with someone who started when you did.

If you approach collaborations that way you can build a real friendship. You’ll have the same struggles, questions, and probably similar goals. You can push each other, learn together, and grow a community. I’ve seen a lot of natural hair bloggers do this on Instagram lately.

You’ll also gain so much knowledge by collaborating and have someone to hold you accountable for your actions. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas on collaborations I have a few:

Host a challenge.

This one can be tricky because it has to be something people will want to participate in. If you’re a fashion blogger do a one or two week challenge related to wearing a certain clothing or only shopping from certain stores. If you blog about food do something related to recipes. Get your audience involved by letting them vote or offering prizes.

Write a guest post.

Guest posts aren’t what they used to be but they’re still great for learning and growing your audience. The trick is to make your post so good people want to know more about you after reading. You also have to think a little bit to choose an out of the box way to do it. For instance, you can write something that will get a strong emotional response from people or do something like swapping schedules with another blogger and talking about how that was for you. Always make sure your info is included on the page somewhere so that it’s easy for others to follow you.

Interview each other.

Interviews are tricky because it’s sometimes hard for people to get excited about them. The easiest way to do this is to pick an interesting subject and ask good questions. Find a blogger who has a great job, lives somewhere interesting, or has a cool lifestyle. Skip the questions that are asked in every single interview and mix it up a bit. Do some research on your subject so you can go beyond the surface. People will appreciate the time you took more.

Host a workshop.

This takes planning and a little money but if you’re collaborating with someone it’s doable. Try to get a space for free if you can or maybe have a brunch where everyone pays for their meal. Make sure you have something planned to encourage conversation and push your brand forward.

Do a social media takeover.

Again, this can be annoying  if you don’t do it right. You have to make things like this very interesting for the people watching or they’re going to ignore you. You might want to style pieces from your takeover partner’s wardrobe or you might show another blogger’s audience around your city. Make it fun! Everyone hates seeing boring takeovers.

Create a roundup post.

I was recently featured in a roundup on Baydian Girl’s blog. It was really cool and I appreciated it. While this isn’t a traditional collaboration I bet that post got plenty of shares and generated a ton of new views for Tamara. It also made me feel special which is never a bad thing.

Get a brand deal together.

Bloggers with smaller audiences may have a little more confidence approaching a brand if they do it together. You’ll have bigger numbers to show and you can come up with a ton of creative ways to make a brand interested in this idea.

Host a Twitter chat.

Twitter chats do wonders for brand engagement. Our #BGBChat has always grown our audience. People are able to connect with me as more than the random girl behind Brown Girl Bloggers and so many gems are dropped every single time. I always learn something.

What are your blogger collaboration suggestions? Do you have any questions about this topic?

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