How To Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers

This isn’t another article about how NOT to compare yourself to other bloggers because the reality is – you will! It’s understandable! Some of the first advice that we get, whenever we start any new endeavor, is to look at others doing what you want to be doing/are doing and….COMPARE ourselves.

Here are three quick tips to keep you doing your best and inspired as you grow your blog and magnify your voice!

Check them out on Instagram

People say this all the time and it’s so true! You just can’t! But find there beginning and compare yourself to that. I’m completely obsessed with Instagram! What I love about Instagram is the beautiful images. But this is the best place to find where someone started. Most people use Instagram as a visual journal making it a great place to see the evolution of other bloggers. It may take a second to scroll through all their images to get to the beginning but do it for yourself! You can even see how many likes they started with! It’s encouraging because it reminds you to keep growing and improving your skillset just like they did!

Look at archives post.

Every blog starts somewhere. Looking at other bloggers old post can show you how their content improved. How they found their voice and how their pictures improved as well as their site design. No one stays where they started and that includes you! As long as you keep going and learning more. Blog archives are a great way to see how other bloggers have grown by simply learning more. Often times, what they have learned is what they have admired from other blogs or in many cases envisioned for their own evolution. The same is for you! Take notes of what you love about their sites and figure out how to do it, so you can evolve and grow your skillset!

*note: Some bloggers even have old blogs that are still out there! Look for them and be reassured that we all start at the beginning.

Compare yourself to yourself and let go of perfection.

It’s SSSOOOO easy not to notice the progress you’re making as you move forward. Take some time to look at your own archives and Instagram, and acknowledge how far along your coming and the improvements you’re making! Pat yourself on the back and Keep going!

Look at your work and see if you start to notice your own style, hear your voice clearly and what your preferences are. Do you favor minimalist style or are you colorful. Are you reflective in your writing or factual. What do you see reflected in your work time and time again? What are the words that your readers often associate with you?

Once you’re clear on this and feeling pumped set new goals and do some of the things you’ve admired! Make sure you are patient with yourself and let go of every post being perfect! It wont happen! So be A O.K. with it being your best! And work hard for your voice to be loud and clear! After all that’s what we really admire about our favorite bloggers!

Good Luck and continue to make your blog one someone else will look up too!

What do you think of actually comparing yourself to other bloggers instead of trying not to? Let us know in the comments. 

Author: Liv Love

  • Christina St.Jean

    This is so true! We have to support one another! Take a look at my blog :)

  • This is such a great point! So true. You don’t know why certain things are happening.

  • Great tips in this article and the comments! Thank you ladies, I’m definitely taking notes.

    Kira Keys|

  • I think it is also important to realize certain techniques that other bloggers use. For example, I was trying to figure out how one blogger gets soooo many comments and then I went to her Disqus account and saw that she writes a ton of comments on other blogs as well. So building that community on support and trust is integral to gaining a following. After I realized that I set a goal to actual write at least 5 comments per week on the posts I read instead of just reading. Making those connections are great!

    Ashley ~

  • The Beaut Blogger

    I look to other bloggers for inspiration-especially those who have theirs branded or are doing something that I want to do. Since i am new to the blogging utility, I haven’t started comparing myself to them but more of learning about how everything works and etc.

  • Very true. Thanks for reading.

  • I agree. I don’t compare my personal blog to other people but I sometimes compare my other sites. I try to do it in a healthy way.

  • I really like the distinction you made. I agree 100%. It’s important to know why you’re blogging.

  • This is all good advice. As long as the comparing is making you better and not overwhelming you with doubts, then I’m all for it. Putting on blinders will only get you so far. Paying attention to what other bloggers are doing can help you figure what to do/not to do.

  • Oh – that’s a good distinguishing point, Style4Curves. Modeling the *quality* of your blog and its content (images + blog posts) and not necessarily trying to copy a specific blogger in an effort to get the same amount of likes, comments, and followers is a better way of thinking about this comparison conundrum.

    Drea |

  • I agree. Its healthy to look at a blueprint and try to make it your own. To say absolutely don’t compare is kidding yourself.

  • I think comparing yourself to other bloggers is good if you are modeling a blog that you plan to monetize and/or use at a platform for a future business. If it’s just simply a hobby for you that you use to share authentic images, thoughts, etc it can harm you I think to compare your blog to people that are using blogs as a platform for other things. I think ultimately even tho we do compare at times the only thing we should compare it to is our old posts and trying to make them better daily not necessarily trying to get the same amount of likes or followers as the more popular bloggers.