Confessions of a Style Blogger

Hey Sis!

Can I just be real for a few minutes?

I love this thing called blogging but it isn’t easy. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities, from compliments to features. I’ve been a source of inspiration to many – whether it’s an outfit or a statement I wrote but, to be honest, there are times when I get frustrated and/or I become overwhelmed by the pressure. Crazy right?

I know what you’re thinking – ‘How is style blogging that demanding?’ Well, here’s my short list:

It’s a struggle to be consistent when you can’t find a consistent photographer. Trust me, it’s a challenge to find someone who is committed to taking outfit photos on a weekly or biweekly basis and who sends them to you in a timely fashion.

There’s not much room for repetition. There’s a lot of shopping involved, which is great!…But sometimes other things must take precedence and that stinks in an industry that involves always showing off the latest addition to your wardrobe.

A common case of writer’s block. Most famous style or fashion bloggers create a blog post that includes one phrase or sentence followed by 7-10 photos. Is that truly content? What do I write about?  Sometimes I’m not too sure how to provide valuable content to my current audience and to increase page views.

Overall, it’s hard work.

I know I’m not the only one who has these frustrations from time to time. Some choose to be verbal about it. Others keep it to themselves. Either way, I just wanted to say, ‘You’re not alone.‘ No matter how “famous” we are, we all get overwhelmed by the journey and run into roadblocks. But, we keep going and we refuse to give up. You can do it too!!

Do you have any blogging confessions?

Author: Tamara Holder

Tamara Holder is the owner/designer of Baydian, an emerging fashion company that specializes in hand-painted scarfs. She’s also a style blogger at Baydian Girl (, where she writes about wearing scarves on the everyday runway.

  • Blogging is hard work, but I love it so I keep going. We make it look easy, but no one knows how much actually goes into it.

  • Paris Hatcher

    I’m a style blogger as well and I can definitely relate to this!!

  • Paris Hart

    I’m a new blogger and can definitely relate…its not as easy as it looks. A lot of preparation is involved. My boyfriend is my photographer as well. When he wasn’t available I had to hire someone.

  • I’m a sewing blogger so I completely understand about finding a consistent photographer. I can’t always say when I’ll have a project completed so I can’t even have a schedule to suggest to people.

    Content-wise, I write about what I’ve sewn and how and all of the details that entails so I don’t really have a problem there.

  • Don’t worry! I been contemplating the same strategy with my blog. I know a blog is supposed to have a focus but, there’s so much I want to write about!

  • Only a few months into blogging ( and I have lived all those things! I don’t have a photographer…I have my boyfriend. And you don’t know the many fights we had over taking GOOD photos for my blog. LOL.

  • The Temporary Things

    I am considered a lifestyle blogger ( but I also have a very militant side which is heavily involved in contemplation of larger issues like the black community, nutrition education, equality etc. I find I have to keep these two worlds separate most of the time. SO I keep my blog over here and I contribute to other projects over there. Not sure if I’m living my truth lol…but the two worlds just don’t collide very seamlessly.