Don’t Be A Spammy Blogger

 When I first started this blog I got so much spam. It seems like a lot of bloggers don’t know when they’re being spammy so let’s list a few examples below so that y’all can stop the madness.

Spam is…

Sending out a generic message every time someone follows you on Twitter.

DMs from services like and are weird. No I will not click this link to “validate” my Twitter account. Girl, whut?

There is no personality in those messages and since I know it’s an auto tweet I don’t reply. Most people probably don’t. People get happy for DMs and to see that it’s a message you didn’t even take the time to write is disappointing.

Signing someone up to your mailing list before you ask if it’s ok.

Oh. EM. GEE! If you do this to me I will spam you. No warning or anything. I mean, it’s only fair since you didn’t warn me before adding me to your list.

It’s rude to add people to email lists which is why I ask you guys to sign up for everything before putting you on a list. Sure, you might be interested in contributing before I’ve added your email to the list but I won’t know because I don’t auto add people.

Tagging someone in every single blog post you write.

Don’t do this. If we want to read your blog we’ll see it on social media, get a notification if we signed up for your email list or we’ll just go check your blog. If you’re always tagging people in tweets/posts about your blog you will be unfollowed, ignored or muted. If it’s especially relevant to that person you should definitely tag them but do it sparingly.

You know those Twitter accounts that just retweet everything you post without reading it to see if it will benefit their audience? No one reads those Twitter feeds except people who are trying to promote themselves. The audience you really want does not respond to spam, which is what that is. That’s a fact.

Writing a comment on a blog post just to plug your own blog.

“Awesome post. Please visit my blog”

That’s what your comment looks like. It’s insulting and rude to go on someone’s post and leave a comment without reading or reacting to what they wrote.

If you’re going to leave a well thought out comment and then promote your blog it’s fine. Anything other than that is spam.

Do you agree or disagree with this post?

If you think of anything I missed put it in the comment section!

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