On The Quest To Finding Your Voice: Don’t Copy Others

In my five and a half years of blogging, I’ve revamped my platform, deleted over 100 posts, changed the type of blog Everything EnJ fits under and found myself so immersed in it all that I successfully discovered one of the hardest things to unearth as a writer.

Here’s a blogging question we often see and are steadily trying to find the answer to: How do you find your voice? The answer isn’t a simple one that you can read in a book with 12 steps and master in a week. I don’t care what the Almighty Google tells you.

As I grow as a blogger, I’ve realized that finding that distinctive style of writing that sets you apart from the rest in your category isn’t easy. In that trajectory of figuring out your place in the blogosphere, you soak in the work of others and gather inspiration from the faves on your blog roll – as you should.

You should build a tribe of like-minded women who are looking into developing their brands and are struggling from the bottom like you are. You should drown yourself more in reading than you do in writing to heighten your jargon and your mindset, and you should most definitely look for inspiration for your work in the things that surround you… but here’s what you should not do.

In your search to find your voice, you should not imitate the style of another writer.

As many of you continue to build off your experiences from last year or are down with “new year, new blog,” it’s imperative to consider how far you take your sources of inspiration. Some people, myself included, are at one point so creatively motivated by the work of others that we adopt their style of writing and mimic their voice. There are far too many blogs out there that hold no weight because there is no foundation.

In an age of “instant” success and gratification, we focus so much on the final product and never the process of getting there.

For many writers, our blogs find their personalities in trying to duplicate where the next rising blogger is. It’s inauthentic. I cannot preach it enough – a lot of people simply refuse to do the work.

But you? Stay true to your vision because it’s there that you’ll find your voice. Again, it’s not a simple 1-2-3 type of thing because see, you got to go through some things, and you have to opt into telling the real, and acknowledge some hard truths.

In the end, the feeling you get when you write your work – when you read it – is liberating.

And for the record, finding your voice isn’t just a ‘one stop and move along’ kind of experience. As you evolve through life’s lessons your voice in work will manifest into something bigger.

So, stop going through the motions because you don’t have the funds to up your blog design like so-and-so at something dot com and quit trying to be something you are not, even if everyone else is doing it. After years of “trying to keep up,” I finally feel a sense of pride in knowing that my story can’t be duplicated. My story is my own and I own that.

Do the work AND do something different. Find your niche, find your voice. That’s what sets your blog apart from the rest.

Erica is a twenty-something year old mom in NYC, who gets through the days by indulging in wine and writing about life's highs and lows on her blog, Everything EnJ. You can catch all her blog's goodies on @everythingEnJ and all the rants on @KaeNdKamsMom.