The Elements Of A Great Media Kit

I’ve been getting a lot of inquires lately about media kits and what they should contain. A media kit is a one page snapshot of your blog and social media stats for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term. It’s a quick reference for advertisers to use when deciding if they want to work with you. Because advertisers are using this to determine whether or not you will be a good fit for them it’s important that your media kit have certain elements.

Below I’ll list the things I think media kits should contain, what is optional and what you don’t need to include.


You should include

Your Name & Your Blog Address 

Even if both are the same like mine you should include your name on the media kit and then have your blog URL separate. Your blog’s name should be your header.

An Introduction/Description Of Your Blog

This is the first thing people will see on your kit so make it count. If you have a lifestyle, beauty or style blog tell a story about why you blog and what your blog means to you. Let the advertiser know a little bit about the types of things featured on your blog. If you have a news site tell a story about why you started it. Make it personal but keep it short.

Your Monthly Page Views 

Use Google Analytics to find this number. I recommend updating this every month.

Your Social Media Stats

List the number of followers you have on your most updated social media platforms. If you don’t use the platform weekly don’t list it. Also, list your engagement on each platform if applicable.

Your Reader Demographics

Who are your readers? Are they women? What age group do they fall into? Why do they read your blog? Include information like this in your media kit to make it easier for advertisers to get a snapshot of your blog’s audience.

Your Advertising Options

List the type of ad campaigns you offer. For instance, you may offer ads on your website, social media campaigns and sponsored posts. There are a lot of different ways to work with advertisers so make sure they know which ones you’re open to.

Your Contact Info

List your email address and PO Box if you have one.

Your Picture

Make it personal by including a picture of yourself. There are exceptions to this rule of course. If your blog isn’t about you personally then there might not be a need to include a picture of yourself.

Optional Info


What have previous advertisers said about working with you? It goes without saying that you should only include positive things here.


List any press you’ve gotten that made you really proud.

You don’t have to include


If an advertiser is interested they will email you to learn more. You can add your rates if you want but it isn’t necessary.

Your media kit should be a PDF file. You can host it on your site or email it to advertisers. A lot of bloggers like to hire designers to make their media kits look really pretty. This is an awesome thing to do although it isn’t necessary. If an advertiser wants to advertise with you they will once they’ve gotten the information they need whether your media kit is packaged with bow or not.

We have some amazing designers in the Brown Girl Bloggers community who I’m sure would be happy to help you with your media kit design.

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Do you have a media kit? Why or why not? 

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