Fix It Jesus! 4 Things You Should Fix On Your Blog Right Now

Fix Your Header

If your header is so big that we have to scroll down the page to see your content you should fix it. If it’s stretched and weird looking, you should fix it. PicMonkey or Canva will save you.

If your color combo is hard to read and your text is a script that’s hard to read fix it. If you’re using a generic font like Times New Roman you may want to think about customizing your header. All of these things can turn readers off.

If you have a picture in your header that’s stretched and weird and you don’t know how to design something new either pay someone to do it for you (I recommend 99designs) or stick to text. Less is more.

Fix Your Sidebar

If your sidebar has too many widgets fix it. Take the ones that aren’t necessary off because I know some aren’t. If your sidebar doesn’t have any widgets, that’s probably fine, but you should make sure the info that is traditionally stored there (social media icons, about info and contact info) can be found on your blog somewhere else. If you have too many ads on your side bar fix it because that turns readers away and will stop them from seeing important info on there because they’ll ignore it.

Fix Your Post Design

If I can’t easily read the font on your post we have a problem. Unlike your header this is the part where using a basic, easy to read font is preferable. I’ve seen entire posts written in script. I don’t even try to read them. I know that makes me sound harsh but it’s just the truth. Your content might be great but if I can’t read it I won’t ever know. I also hate when the date is missing. How am I supposed to know if you’re currently blogging or not? I don’t like linking to posts if I have no idea how timely it is.

Fix Your Morals

Stop adding me to your mailing list without permission. This. is. my. pet. peeve. I hate it when a blogger gets my email and then I start getting every blog post in my inbox when I did not say it’s ok. I will send you to the spam folder because… why? Why would you do that?

I only put people on mailing lists if they tell me it’s ok. That’s why I ask if it’s ok when you submit your blog to me. I HATE, HATE, HATE HATE THAT!

What tips do you have for other bloggers?

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