How I Found My Super Targeted Blogging Niche

There’s a purity and passion found when you start something. The excitement motivates you and compels you to believe that you’ll succeed. I believe it’s that way with anything, especially blogging.

Some people decide to blog because they want to share their ideas with the world. Others want to do it because it seems like something cool to do. There are even those who have been persuaded many times by their friends and family that they have a gift and it’s time that the world began to recognize their influence.

The first time I started a blog, it was based on my personal convictions. I wanted to address the unspoken – the things that no one was talking about. My blog had some success for a few short months, but I eventually stopped.


I’m not sure, but I did. It could have been that I ran out of steam, but it’s most likely because I wasn’t very specific about my purpose.

Four years later, I’ve begun another blog.

It all started with my first blog collaboration as a designer. I met up with a friend and local blogger to help style her outfits with my hand-painted scarves. It became a huge a success and it was then that I realized the skill I had. That day, the Baydian Girl blog was born. I had this outrageous idea that I could build a blog with one goal – showing how to incorporate scarves into every day style. At the time, I only had one reader and I wasn’t very sure if it would work but I started anyway and here I am today.

How did I, a designer, find my blogging niche and how should you, an aspiring blogger, find your blogging niche? I believe it’s simple.

  • Decide to blog about something that is important to you. It could be fashion, life, photography, encouragement, etc. For me, it was fashion so that’s where I began.
  • Be specific about this topic. I love fashion but I’m passionate about scarves. So, that’s how I was able to narrow my niche. Maybe you’ll blog about fashion trends specific to each season, exploring a certain city or just about a life with coffee.
  • Write down the goal of your blog. Are you trying to build a brand? Is your blog purpose to share thoughts and ideas? Are you trying to attract new customers and generate leads for your company? What about a blog that focuses on answering frequently asked questions? Maybe your blog is a soapbox where you will be expressing your opinion? Or you may choose to share a skill or skills like I did. These are all things to consider.

THAT’S IT! It might take you 3 minutes or 3 months, but you’ll find your blogging niche once you answer these questions. From there, you just need to start because the world is at your fingertips.

Let us know in the comments: Have you found your blogging niche?

Tamara Holder is the owner/designer of Baydian, an emerging fashion company that specializes in hand-painted scarfs. She’s also a style blogger at Baydian Girl (, where she writes about wearing scarves on the everyday runway.