Grow Your Blog By Getting Out Of Your Own Way

So you’ve started your blog. You’ve been lucky enough to find your niche early on, set up your domain and hosting, install a professionally design theme, and maybe even get started on some amazing content for your site. Whew. After all that, you should no doubt be feeling a sense of accomplishment but the most challenging task is yet to come. After you’ve set up the basics for your blog and begin to get into the habit of perfecting your posts, the idea of growing your blog will most likely surface.
I’m sure we’ve all heard time and time again that blogging takes time and lots of effort. In fact there are several different ways to grow your blog over time and some of those include:

  • Promoting yourself on social media and encouraging others to share your content
  • Offer a service or solution to a problem your readers face
  • Consistently writing and putting out great content
  • Interacting with other bloggers and networking to build a solid community of followers
  • Reaching out to experts in your field for advice and tips
  • Getting a coach to help you set goals and be accountable

The list goes on and on. But growing a blog is not necessarily that easy. Sometimes when trying to grow a blog it’s important to realize that you can derail your blog’s progress by being your own worst enemy. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get in our way of success by being afraid.

Common Fears New Blogger Have

  • Being afraid of what other people think
  • Being too scared to ask others questions or get help
  • Fear that others won’t like what you have to say
  • Fear of rejection if you offered services on your blog or tried to do business with more experienced bloggers

Fear Can Hold You Back

Unfortunately, fear can hold you back from achieving your goals with your blog. If you’re intimidated by an expert blogger in your niche and you choose not to forge a friendly connection with them, you are only hurting yourself and holding yourself back from achieving success with your blog. If you’re afraid to share your products and services on your social media pages because you don’t want your old high school classmates to think you’re weird for having a blog, you’re missing out on the opportunity to attract loyal readers and potential customers.
And if you can’t bring yourself to email a fellow blogger to ask him or her how they find high quality images for their posts to generate traffic from Pinterest, you will never learn how to do that for your blog or it will just take you longer to acquire that skill.

Fear Can Waste Time and Energy

Fear can easily lead to anxiety causing you to spend more time than necessary over analyzing your pitch and contemplating how people will react. If you are being authentic with your blog and offering helpful advice to your readers then odds are someone is bound to resonate with your content.
With blogging I’ve learned that you can’t win them all. Not everyone is going to agree with what you have to say and love your blog. Blogging with passion and a purpose is already time consuming enough as it is. Instead of wasting time and energy worrying about who will be underwhelmed with your blog and becoming discouraged by the criticism, it’s better to spend your time connecting with those who find your content useful and building an email list of dedicated followers.

Now is the Time To Be Fearless

Have you ever heard bloggers say they wish they would’ve done this or learned that when they first started blogging? While no one will have the perfect start, don’t let that be you with the long list of “I should haves”. It’s not like you eased into setting up your blog; you probably just sat down one day and got to business. It’s the same thing with growing your blog. Be fearless when it comes to growing your blog and building your brand.
If you are confused about how something goes and you see someone doing well congratulate them on their success and ask them a question. Most people are more willing to help out than you think, especially if it’s just answering a few quick questions from an email.
I blog about personal finance and so far the blogging community I interact with has been so welcoming and helpful. I definitely tried to hit the ground running after the first few weeks of blogging by reaching out to others to guest post, seeking out tips, learning how to leverage Twitter to my benefit, signing up for blogging classes and joining online groups. I honestly don’t regret a thing. If I had spent months being scared or freaking out about interacting with others and sharing my work, I wouldn’t have seen much growth for my blog.
Being fearless won’t solve all your issues, but it will get you further ahead than the next person. There will still be rejection and setbacks sometimes. But there will also be breakthroughs, progress and success stories as well.
What are you goals or plans to help grow your blog? How can being fearless help you achieve them?

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Chonce is a freelance writer and personal finance blogger from Chicago. When she is not blogging about paying off debt, saving, and budgeting on her blog,, she enjoys reading about fashion, cooking, watching reality shows, and playing with her son. For insightful updates about personal finance you can follow her on Twitter @mydebtepiphany