How I Got Rid Of My Negative Thoughts

For a long time, I was jealous of positive people. I couldn’t wrap my head around how people could be positive all the time. I identified happiness with perfection, and I knew my life was far from perfect. Growing up, I was a negative Nancy. It was tough for me to create light in my life, which always felt so lonely and dark. I was the chubby girl who got picked on. I always felt like the oddball amongst others. I assumed that life came with bad moments and that was it. I carried this way of thinking with me through high school and college.

The concept of happiness seemed like an illusion to me, or something unobtainable. I didn’t know that joy was something that required a lot of self-work and consistency. Once I got a little older and started piecing parts of my life together that I realized my negativity was something I inherited from my mom. My mom isn’t a bad person by any means, but when I look at my childhood, I don’t recall seeing my mom handle situations in a positive light. It seemed that bad things happened to good people, and you just had to deal with. Being in control of my own emotions wasn’t something I learned until I was about 23. I’m 25 now, so imagine my surprise when I discovered I was in control of my emotions and reactions to situations.

Controlling my emotions despite the circumstance wasn’t an easy task for me. It took a lot of mediation, talks with friends, and unraveling of my past to get to this point. I found that in life if I don’t learn lessons from experiences, it will continue to reappear in different forms. The lesson becomes a harder mountain to climb, and it requires a lot more energy to get through.

I’ve learned if I position myself to view life situations as teachable moments, it’ll change how I experience my journey. Most things in life we can’t control, but how we decide to maintain our peace is a choice. It took me a long time to face myself, but I was tired of the same negative results. I was tired of being so hurt all the time. I wanted the continuous cycle of negativity to end in my life.

I saw how negativity consumed people throughout my life. I could see how unlearned lessons and broken relationships took over their energy. I didn’t want this type of life for myself, so I reached out to different individuals in my life to guide me into positivity.

Positivity isn’t an easy thing to obtain. If it were, we would all be positive. It truly takes practice and consistency. I have to surround myself with positivity all day. My social media feed is full of positive people. The friendships that I have been positive. I have apps that I downloaded that send me positive notes throughout the day. I meditate daily, and I’ve gotten comfortable with talking to myself through situations.

To those of you who are dealing with negative thoughts, people, and situations. It’s not too late to make changes to your lifestyle. It’s never too late to choose you and want something more. My number one piece of advice is to seek a friend, a mentor, or a therapist to talk to. We all have different circumstances that led us to this point, but the narrative can change for the better. Also, remember that you deserve to live the good life that you so much desire! You are not excluded from happiness!