How To Become A Paid Copywriter

Many people have asked me how I was able to become a blogger (I prefer the term copywriter since I do a variety of things) for companies and businesses so today I want to answer that question.

To give you a bit of background I have a degree in Communications from the College of Charleston and I was very active throughout my college career. I joined clubs, had several jobs and made it a point to have leadership positions on campus. I also interned every semester after Sophomore year. I prepared myself to be able to make money right after college.

I don’t think all of those things are necessary to monetize your skills but I do believe they helped me. The best thing I ever did was take an internship at a social media firm in college. I learned how to get clients, how to deal with them and I saw a young twenty-six year old woman running a business. It was a very inspiring experience. Here are the tips I’d give to you if you want to write for businesses.

Have a speciality.Ā 

I work with small lifestyle businesses like local boutiques, restaurants and jewelry stores. I know how to speak to their customers so I always do a great job. You should know the type of business you’d like to write for. I know copywriters who specialize with law firms, churches and religious groups. Have your speciality and learn as much as you can about their customers so that you can provide quality work.

Don’t get too big for your britches.

I have a formal education and experience when it comes to building email campaigns, writing copy for the web and handling branded social media. I have a portfolio now but before I did I worked for less money until I was able to charge what I do now. There are a lot of different opinions about working for free. I won’t do it now unless it’s for charity or trade but I think it’s a good idea if you don’t have experience.

Pitch to businesses.

I know we love social media around here but don’t forget the basics when it comes to sales. Pitching your services to businesses, meeting business owners at networking events, and asking your friends for recommendations will help you when it’s time to get clients. Don’t underestimate these things and don’t shy away from hard work because it’s tedious and hard to do those things.

Be a good copywriter

I actually know a few bloggers who aren’t good writers and they make a ton of money so I guess you can take this one with a grain of salt. I’ll say this: know who you’re writing for and write for that audience. For instance, have you noticed the Hamburger Helper twitter account lately? They know black people eat their “food” and that we basically run twitter so they’ve been marketing to us and using our language a lot. It’s not standard English but it speaks to their audience. That’s good copywriting.

Do you have any specific questions about becoming a paid blogger or copywriter? If so ask them in the comments below!

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