How To Manage Your Creativity As A Blogger

Getting burned out is a very common theme I hear from bloggers no matter what niche their blog falls under. So many of us start our blogs with the best intentions and end up getting stuck in a rut creatively. While building the blog roll for this site (which you should join by the way) I can’t tell you how many abandoned or plain neglected blogs I saw. I’m not sure if it’s because of the high expectations of having a blog or if bloggers just run out of ways to create inspired content but it was very sad to see.

I’m betting a lack of inspiration makes so many bloggers quit before they even get started. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about creativity because I’ve been experiencing a little bit of burnout myself. In the past few weeks I created this blog, managed my blog and wrote for my freelancing clients. That’s a lot of content to pump out each week.

Below, I want to share a few tips I’ve discovered and applied to my writing to help with my burnout problem. I hope they help you in some way and I’d love to hear your tips in the comments.

Let It Flow 

I’ve heard this from several writers and artists and I agree 100%. When I have an idea for a business, a blog post or a poem the first thing I do is sit down and write it out. I let myself go completely in the task and I come back to edit later. My suggestion is that you go wild for an hour or a few days depending on how big the project is and just let your thoughts out. Sometimes you realize it’s an amazing idea that gets better once you edit or tweak it and sometimes you realize it isn’t. Either way acting on your ideas without overthinking them will probably help you figure them out a lot quicker than just thinking about them will.

Change Your Space

This works for me and for a few artists that I know. Getting out of your usual space, whether it’s your office or your living room, can help your creative juices flow. I live in a very cool city with so many hidden gems so I like to get out and find a new coffee shop to write from or a new area of the park to sit in and think. Walking helps as well. I make sure to have my phone handy so that I can jot down any ideas I have while I continue to enjoy my walk. Once I get home I usually sit down to let it flow.

Just Let It Go

No Frozen references, please! It’s such an overrated movie.

Anyway, the last tip I have rhymes with the first and means exactly what it says. Sometimes let the thought of being creative go. Sleep on it, go to a movie, or hang out with friends. Do anything to get your mind off the task and I swear like magic you’ll think of something. It may not come when you want it but it will be there right on time… the creative idea anyway. (Black church-goers get the reference.)

What are your tips for getting unstuck and getting creative?

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