How To Overcome Uncertainty

Uncertainty is an interesting thing. It plagues most creative people and usually stops us from actually doing the work we’re supposed to do.

I was plagued by uncertainty for over a year and although I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on it recently, I’m not some perfect person who never worries. I’m still worried about how people will take the changes we’re making to this community. We’re changing the name, opening a coworking space, redoing the website + branding, and so much more. I’ve been planning this for a year and going back and forth but eventually I had to either decide to do it or shut the f up forever.

I decided to take the chance which involved moving across the country, finding an office space, hiring folks, and making a lot of hard decisions. I’m at peace with my decisions right now. Here’s how I got to this point.

Think Of The Worst Case Scenario

I do this every single time I’m faced with uncertainty and need to calm myself down. I’ll think to myself, what is the worst thing that could happen to me? If my business fails what does that mean? What if no one cares about the things I create? What if people make fun of me?

Usually that worst case scenario isn’t death so… who cares? I’m in my 20s at this point so I figure I should fail fast and early. I know that I’ll always wonder if I don’t try so, I try. I also know that even failure will teach me something and so I have to do it.

Research Until Your Eyes Are Tired

Ok, here’s a fun fact about me: I like rushing into things without thinking. I know I can’t do that when I’m building a business however, so I did as much research as possible when thinking about my next business move. I’ve been a solopreneur for 5 years but now that I’m building something bigger I needed different skills. I looked into the cost, the pros, the cons, and the market I’m in.

I’m still afraid but less uncertain and definitely willing to take the leap. I’ve done so much research for my new ideas that I feel prepared.

Make A Plan

I don’t like plans. See the point above.

I’m a “go with the feeling” type of girl but that just doesn’t really work when building a brand and team. A plan is essential so I sat down and created a plan AND a budget (be proud of me). I wrote a business plan and talked to others who’ve done this before me. I feel very confident in my plan and the preparation that I’ve done which has lessened the uncertainty tremendously.

Embrace The Uncontrollable Factors

There are some things that I can’t control, expenses I can’t think of right now, and information that I don’t know. I have to be ok with that or else I’ll either stay stuck or freeze when it’s time to confront those things. You have to accept that things won’t go perfectly and you have to be ready to adjust when they don’t.

Decide If Your Idea Is Worth The Failure

Remember the “think of the worst case scenario” tip? Some of those scenarios will involve failure. How does that make you feel? Is your idea still worth it? If so go for it but if you’re too cautious… maybe it’s not the right move. Some of us can handle blowing up our entire lives while others can’t. Decide which category you fall into.

Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot

Listen, either take the chance of give up on it. Those are really your only options so… which one will you choose?

How do you beat uncertainty?

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