How To Successfully Write & Pitch A Guest Post

I’m sure you’ve heard how guest posting or contributing to another blog can be a great way to develop relationships with other bloggers and grow your blog’s audience. I’m sure you’ve even thought about guest posting a time or two. Today I’m going to give you a few tips that will help you email great pitches that won’t go unnoticed.

Think outside the box

Don’t just pitch to websites with a huge audience. Think about pitching to blogs with a slightly larger audience than yours and blogs that will help you reach readers you might not reach otherwise. If you love to write you should also think about pitching to blogs that you want to be a part of because you like their vision or esthetic. Always think about what can be done for you through pitching but also think of the value you will bring to the blog and it’s readers.  

Address the blogger or editor by their name

This seems like common sense but I think it needs to be stated. I recently received a pitch addressed to whom it may concern. I immediately thought it was a mass pitch and that the sender doesn’t read Brown Girl Bloggers so I deleted it. There are instances when you don’t know the editor’s name and that’s ok but make sure you search before sending a pitch. 

Share your ideas

Your ideas are the most important part of the pitch. Tell the editor your ideas for a particular post and give them a summary. You don’t need to send the entire post although some editors don’t mind if you do. I recommend providing two or three ideas so that they can choose the best one for their blog’s audience. 

Include an example of your best work

If you have posts on your blog or posts you’ve written elsewhere that will prove your ability to write the guest post it won’t hurt to include the link.

Don’t take it personal (Yes, I just sang that in my head)

Sometimes your pitch won’t be right for a blog. A blogger may have already covered that topic, they may already have it in the queue, or they might not like your writing style. Whatever the case is don’t be offended if your pitch is declined. If you get feedback work on improving your pitches going forward and pitch to another blog. Maybe even pitch to the same blog in the future.

Check your spelling

We all make mistakes now and again but you should check and double check your spelling before sending a pitch to make sure it’s perfect.

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