How To Treat Your For Profit Blog Like A Business

 I have a question for you. Why do you blog? What makes you put finger to keyboard and talk to the world?

I was having a discussion about making a livable income through blogging with a friend of mine recently. While it is possible it’s such a hard niche to break into these days because it’s over saturated. Here are a few things that might help you if it’s one of your goals.

Have A Business Plan

A lot of people make the mistake of not treating a for profit blog like a business and I wonder why. When I decided to start a business I made a plan because I knew it was the only way to succeed for sure and not just happen upon success. The same is true with blogging for profit. You have to have a game plan that will take you from an unknown blogger to a blogger who’s blog posts people can’t wait to read.

Think About Money

How much will you be spending on your blog and how will you get that money back? Do you hope to make money right away? Get a loan from a family member or friend? Have a part time job to help out? Figuring this out will keep you out of the black hole we call debt. This is especially true if have a style blog because all of that shopping adds up.

Your URL matters

I own a few different URLs because I always have some great website idea. I always think about how that URL will translate to a twitter handle or Instagram username before I buy it. You want to make sure your blog’s name is easily recognizable. A lot of blog names start with the word the. I didn’t realize that until I started building the blog roll for this blog but I find it very interesting. You want to stand out from the crowd. Not blend in.

Be Realistic

You have to realize that sitting back and hoping people find your blog is not the best option. As with any business or anyone who wants to become a public figure experience, exposure and the quality of your work matters. Make sure you have all those things and you’ll probably make a profit from your blog. If not… hobby blogging isn’t so bad.

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