How To Write For Your Perfect Blog Audience

In the past I’ve talked about ways to come up with ideas for your blog, where to get free pictures for your blog and how to create a schedule for your blog. While I think all of those things are great what really matters is your ability to write for the perfect audience.

I deal with this a lot every day because I write blogs for different businesses. My clients range from small local boutiques to restaurants with several chains and all of these brands have different voices.

I want to share with you how I create a brand voice for my clients since most of you have blogs (aka brands) but no budget to hire a copywriter. I hope this helps.

First you have to ask yourself a series of questions…

Why do you read blogs?

I bet the answer to that question is because a blog inspires you or helps you. Those are the brands you probably care about the most and the ones you will support. Of course you might read blogs for other reasons but you won’t be a religious reader. You need to write for the people who will religiously read your blog and check it daily and weekly.

Think about who you want to help and inspire. 

You should know this person’s age, education level, etc… get as specific as possible. It’s also important to know the type of language that person might use. When deciding to create a brand voice for Brown Girl Bloggers I knew every minority woman who blogged wouldn’t be interested but I knew the kind who would be.

Think about why the above person would want to be helped or inspired. 

What are their goals, dreams and aspirations?  What is it they are seeking from the world? Once you’ve answered this it gets so much easier to write in a way that will help them.

Think about what you know about their goals dreams and aspirations and how that can help the person above.

Pretty self explanatory, right? How will your knowledge help and inspire your perfect blog audience? How will the words you choose to use speak to them through a computer screen? Why should they trust you? What have you accomplished?

Write posts that answer those questions.

Remember last week when I talked about how answering the questions that you google? It’s similar.

Before the week is out you should look through your old blog posts and see if they align with the questions you’ve asked and answered. If they do you’re writing for the right audience and if they don’t then you have some work to do.

Are you currently writing for your perfect blog audience or is your brand voice still a work in progress?

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